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Win10 computer extends projection to HDTV

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“Win10 computer to TV does not affect normal work, that is, the computer on the television program to the screen, then the computer can do other.” It looks very tall. It’s easy to solve. Awind odd wireless screen projector has the function of screen expansion. As long as the normal mode of screen feeding is replaced with screen extension, it is OK.

Netizen: “how to say the setting, complex?”

First: “the wireless screen projector consists of a USB key and a receiver box, which connects the receiver end of the wireless projector with the HDMI cable of the TV. Therefore, you need to prepare an HDMI cable;

Then: plug in USB key on the computer, and the display light will be on normally, and the screen will be on. But the default mode is mirror mode. Therefore, the mirror mode needs to be changed into screen expansion mode in the background. This can be set before delivery;

There is another way: our A-Series wireless screen projector supports two sending terminals, namely software and hardware. An EShow transmitter software is installed on the computer, and then win+p [quickly change the current projection mode], and on the right side of the computer, there are [computer only screen], [copy], [extension], [second screen only], and four modes for users to choose and expand, Then, you can put on the screen again, and you can expand the screen

The win10 computer is not affected by the normal operation when it is put on the screen to the TV

When the TV becomes an extended screen of the computer, the TV is a blank screen that only displays the background of the windows computer. We need to drag the content of the TV program to the TV, take Archie as an example:

1. Open the iqiyi app, open the playback interface, and then click the TV playback interface, and drag it to the right, and it will appear on the TV as long as it exceeds the computer screen. Then the mouse moves to the left, and goes beyond the left interface of the TV and returns to the computer desktop.

2. Our computer started to work normally, and the TV program let him play it himself. If the TV has touch function, we can operate the TV directly on the large screen, because the remote control can not choose the program, and the program replacement still needs computer control.

Awind strange machine wireless screen projector is mainly for business conference. Imagine that the content required by computer bar is put on the large screen, and then it will be demonstrated and annotated directly on the large screen

Setting of setting of the mode change of the wireless screen feeder of awind odd machine

1. Mobile phone, computer and wireless screen projector box are in the same LAN. The simplest is to plug in the Internet cable for the wireless screen projector;

2. Mobile phone and computer open web pages, enter IP address at the bottom of wireless screen projector, enter the background, and select the extension mode in display settings [screen and extension are two radio boxes, tick it] save and exit restart the wireless screen projector (restart it, not respond).

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