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Why do more and more people choose TV on the wall?

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The installation of LCD TV by wall hanging not only saves space but also looks beautiful, so it is liked by many owners. But the wall TV is very particular about the installation environment, installation wall, installation technology and other requirements. If the installation is not good, not only affect the viewing effect, but also may lead to safety accidents. Therefore, for the owners who use wall mounted TV, in order to ensure the installation quality, it is better to understand the precautions of wall mounted TV first.

Do you charge for installation? Introduction to the installation of wall mounted TV many owners see that the wall mounted TV is very beautiful, so they don’t consider anything and just want to install one at home. Here I want to remind you that before you choose a wall mounted TV, you need to know something about it.

1. The installation of LCD TV is lighter than that of traditional picture tube TV. With the decrease of volume and weight, the installation of LCD TV is more flexible. In addition to the common way of standing on the cabinet with a pedestal, LCD TV is more and more using the way of hanging on the wall. So what are the advantages of wall hanging? Can all families install wall TV? Compared with the installation directly placed in the TV cabinet, the wall mounted TV makes the TV become a decorative element and integrates into the home decoration, which is not only in line with the current mainstream aesthetic trend, but also can save space without the TV cabinet. But at the same time, there are still some requirements for the installation environment of the wall mounted TV, the installation will be relatively complex, but also has a certain cost.

2. The method of TV hanging on the wall, TV hanging on the wall, is generally realized by using the TV hanger. By fixing the matching rack to the wall, and then fixing the TV to the rack, the TV can be hung on the wall without falling.

3. Many consumers find that they have to pay for the installation of wall mounted TV, which is very incomprehensible. But in fact, most brands of wall mounted TVs need to be charged when they are installed, and the specific charging situation varies from region to region.

4. Although the weight of LCD TV is lighter and lighter, it is very important to hang it firmly on the wall to ensure that it will not fall off for a long time. TV rack can be generally divided into functional rack angle and universal rack. If you are installing 55-70 inch TV in the living room, you are recommended to use multi-functional TV rack.

Take the more common NB multi-functional TV rack as an example. The 767-l600 multi-functional TV rack can be moved from front to back, including adjustable elevation angle. Through the powerful bearing capacity of six arms, it can realize multi axis rotation, so as to change the viewing angle and viewing distance. The dining room, living room, balcony and kitchen can also watch, so that one machine can be used for many purposes. The price of multi-function TV pylon of this brand will be a little more expensive. The owners can choose according to their own needs and economic ability.

In addition, before purchasing, it is necessary to know the installation size of the TV rack, and the bearing capacity of the rack should be no less than 3 times of the actual bearing capacity. For example, 767-l600 has passed the three times bearing certification of GS in Germany, and 55-70 inch TV sets are recommended. The price of good wall hanging rack is several hundred yuan, while the price of inferior wall hanging rack is dozens of yuan. In order to ensure the safety of the wall mounted TV, when choosing the wall mounted rack, it is recommended not to choose products with poor quality in order to save money.

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