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Why did I just put a projector in the living room and refuse the TV?

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Home theater can not do without display equipment, and as early as more than ten years ago, projector has become the mainstream display equipment of home theater enthusiasts.

Why do they use projectors instead of televisions? The main reason is that the screen size of the projector is much larger than that of the TV, which can bring the general visual impact and telepresence of the cinema.


Today, home projector is not uncommon. When many people are building their own living room and cinema, they come to me and ask me if I want to keep a TV in the living room? I have answered such questions countless times. So I decided to write this article to talk about this.

In fact, whether you want to consider the coexistence of TV and projector in the living room depends on your own usage habits.

Is there a TV in the living room?

For many years, Mr. cinema hasn’t put a TV in the living room. The reason is very simple. Mr. cinema usually has a husband and wife at home, with a child at most.


Generally speaking, when you come home from work, you are either watching a movie or using a computer. You seldom watch TV programs, so the TV in the living room is really useless.

In terms of usage scenarios, TV programs have two main functions for me:

One is to place it in the dining room and have a look at it when eating;

Second, before going to bed, lie on the bed, press a few remote controls to turn over, or watch the current popular TV series, such as the name of the people.

And in the living room, more often directly with the projector to watch the big screen. Whether it’s connected to the PS4 to play games, or connected to the Blu ray machine to watch movies, my use of the situation, there is no need to install a TV in the living room.

But this kind of situation is only applicable to the family structure of cinema king. If there are old people living with you in your family, the TV in the living room is indispensable.

Because the use of projectors, it is necessary to pull the shade curtains, turn off the lights, to create a relatively dark environment.

At present, strong light screen can solve the problem of shading, but the price is too expensive

This kind of environment for the elderly, easy to bump. At the same time, it’s very troublesome for you to let them use a series of complicated equipment such as projector and stereo.

Therefore, it depends on your usage habits and the resident population of your family whether the TV set is left in the living room or not.

Advantages of projector

Compared with TV, the advantage of projector has never changed. There are two core points.

1. For the absolute advantage of TV size

Although the price of 75 inch TV is not expensive now, you can buy a 100 inch TV with money.

But what I want to say is that this size is too small for a projector.

In a room like the one above, the TV is too small.

Now the main projector used in the living room is 120 inches, and if you are an independent audio-visual room, the common size has reached 130 ~ 200 inches. How big is 75 inches? It’s only a quarter of 150 inches.

Moreover, the investment of projector is much smaller than that of TV.

2. Don’t hurt your eyes

All LCD TVs are active light source display devices, while projectors are reflective light source display devices, which are completely different from each other in viewing mode.

The light source of the LCD TV comes from the backlight group. The light of the backlight group passes through the LCD panel and then shines into our eyes, so that we can see the picture. In other words, the eye is the light source of direct vision.

But the projection picture is not like this. The light source is provided by the light bulb of the projector, but the light is shining on the projection screen, and then the screen reflects the light source into our eyes, so I can see the picture.

The reason why people can see objects in the environment (such as a cup or a table) is that the surface of the object reflects sunlight or light, so that we can see them. It’s the same principle that we see on the projector screen.

If you still don’t understand, I’ll put it another way. The sun is direct light, and the moon is emitting light, you look directly at the sun and the moon with your eyes, this is the difference between TV and projector.

So even if you just watch a 75 inch TV, your eyes will feel more tired than a 120 inch projection. The main reason is because you’re staring at a 75 inch light pack.

It is also for this reason that you will hear the TV opportunity put forward the anti Blu ray technology, claiming not to hurt the eyes, while the projector never mentioned this matter, because the projector is a back moving display device, and there is no such trouble.

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