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Which is better, a projector or a TV? The advantages and disadvantages are all here

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Recently, many friends asked me which is better, projector or TV? Today, ah Hui will introduce the difference between the two, and whether TV or projector is more suitable for home use?


TV screen resolution is high, basically 4K, color display is very delicate and realistic, this is no projector can match. Now the TV body is getting thinner and thinner. It can be put on the table or on the wall. It’s very convenient to place. The bigger the screen is, the more common it is to be 100 inches or more.


Different from TV, the picture is bigger. Because the screen or wall itself does not shine, the projector’s display effect will not be as good as the TV. Moreover, in order to make the picture look clearer, it is usually required that the ambient light is very dark. For the eyes, it is easier to get tired.

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Viewing distance if your living room is close to a TV or projector, less than 4 meters, it is recommended to install a TV. Watching environmental TV does not have much requirements for the viewing environment, whether it is bright or dark, but the projector must have a relatively dark environment in order to have a good viewing experience.

If you will live with your parents in the future, you should consider the needs of your parents and children. It’s not convenient for parents to use projectors because they are older. Children often watch cartoons. It’s not good for their eyes to use projectors, so it’s not recommended to buy projectors.

If the cost performance budget is less than 5000, we suggest you buy TV, because the low-cost projector will not have the kind of home theater atmosphere we want. And a good viewing effect also needs to be matched with a good speaker to experience better.

Finally, a Hui thinks that the average service life of the TV is about 10 years, and that of the projection bulb is 3-5 years. The cost of projector is much higher than that of TV. But the pursuit of large screen viewing effect can choose the projector, after all, three or four thousand can easily have a large screen viewing effect.

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