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What’s the difference between 5G network and 5G WiFi? Does the HDTV support it?

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Recently some very forward thinking customers, asked me to recommend the TV support the latest 5G network, said to see some TVs are supported, speechless, obviously do not know what the difference between 5G network and 5G WiFi, in order to answer customer questions in the future to facilitate a small science popularization.

I think most people even if you can not distinguish 5G network and 5G WiFi, then at least distinguish the mobile network and WiFi it.

Mobile network: 5G network belongs to the mobile network, cell phones installed SIM card, for traffic packages, turn on the cell phone mobile network switch to access the Internet, is to spend money. Affected by the environment is small, “anytime, anywhere” can be online (do not raise the bar thank you)

Your cell phone, in the range of the base station signal, and the base station data exchange, is the mobile network, including 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G.

In the future, 5G network popularity, our 4G cell phones can still be used normally.

WiFi network: 5G WiFi, home to do broadband or commercial stores inside, through the router generated WiFi network, cell phones connected to WiFi can be free Internet access. At present, many routers are supporting dual-band WiFi, that is, 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band wireless signal. You have to have a router nearby to connect to WiFi to access the Internet.

So you see, these two are completely different concepts, one is the mobile network, one is WiFi, you a TV set, fixed at home, support 5G mobile network significance is what?

TV does not need 5G mobile network, there is WiFi function can meet the demand.

The significance of 5G network.
“To get rich, first build roads”, although I do not know who said it, but this is particularly true, the country’s rapid economic development, can not do without the highway network to do the foundation, and high-speed rail, to accelerate the exchange of resources, personnel exchange, reduce logistics costs.

In order to rapid economic development, resources, people exchange speed increase, the speed of information exchange, of course, also need to increase, highway, high-speed railroad, high-speed network, are necessary for the basic conditions.

We 90s and even 80s, cell phone mobile network, from 2G, 3G, 4G changes, or very familiar with the main experience is the network speed is getting faster and faster, the original can only send text messages, to the era of expression bags, to the rise of video social software, witnessed the development of the information superhighway, not only mobile network speed is getting faster, network traffic tariffs are getting cheaper, 2G network era, we use The 4G network just came out, there is a flirtation paragraph very famous, because did not turn off the network “overnight house to mobile”.

Air conditioner outside? No, I am the base station

Yes, I am also a base station
Therefore, in fact, 5G mobile network is also very understandable, that is, the network speed is hundreds of times faster than the 4G network, while the network latency is also lower, as low as 1 millisecond.

All the beautiful ideas of the 5G network era, such as the “Internet of Things”, self-driving cars, e-medicine, etc. are based on ultra-high network speed and ultra-low network latency.

The significance of 5GHz WiFi.
5GHz WiFi network speed is faster than 2.4GHz WiFi, several times faster, now the new TVs, most of them already support dual-band WiFi, although now 2.4GHz WiFi network speed is also enough, but after all, the world is developing fast, when buying a TV, or try to choose a TV that supports dual-band WiFi, if the budget is limited to compromise, then I think this is optional. If you have a limited budget to compromise, then I think this is optional.

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