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What parameters do you need to watch to buy a TV?

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With the continuous development of intelligent devices, more and more intelligent devices begin to enter our lives, especially the rapid development of TV industry, let our generation witness the turning point from black and white TV to color intelligent TV.

Throughout the TV market, a variety of products make people feel dizzy. How to choose a suitable LCD TV? What functions do we need? When we buy TV, what important parameters do we need to see? Xiaobian has sorted out a selection strategy for you. Let’s share it with you!

1、 TV size

When choosing the TV, you can choose according to the distance and size of the room. It’s not that the bigger the TV is, the better. We can choose the screen size according to the best viewing distance. TV size = the best viewing distance ÷ 0.0635。

Generally speaking, when the viewing distance is less than 2.5 meters, it is recommended to choose less than 50 inches, 55 inches for 2.5-3 meters, 65 inches for 3-3.5 meters, and 75 inches for more than 3.5 meters.

2、 What are the parameters of screen quality

1. Gamut

There are many standards for the definition of gamut. NTSC gamut is commonly used in the TV industry. It is an international gamut standard, and the gamut range is about 70%. The color range that the TV screen can present refers to the gamut. The higher the gamut coverage, the larger the gamut range of the TV, and the higher the chromaticity of the picture quality. In this way, the excessive color of the TV picture will be more natural.

2. Resolution

When choosing a TV, we can always hear such words as UHD and 4K. In fact, they refer to the resolution of the TV. Resolution can also be said how many pixels are displayed on the screen? Generally speaking, the higher the resolution is, the higher the pixels will be displayed, and the playing picture will be clearer.

3. MEMC motion compensation

We tend to procrastinate when watching sports programs or action movies, which greatly reduces our viewing experience. Dynamic compensation is a solution to this phenomenon. It can insert a motion compensation frame between two images to make the dynamic picture clearer and smoother and improve the viewing experience of dynamic programs.

3、 What is the backlight technology of TV

1. Straight down

Direct down backlight technology belongs to the area light source, which not only has uniform brightness, but also can well control the light leakage. In addition, the backlight panel can adjust the brightness of the screen locally through the partition, so that the contrast of the screen brightness is obvious.

2. Side entry

The light source of the side entry backlight technology comes from the side. Led beads are arranged around the LCD screen, and then the light source is transported to the center of the screen by the light guide plate. As the light source of this kind of TV is distributed around, the LCD screen is relatively thinner.

4、 Screen type

In fact, to be honest, when we choose TV, the first thing we choose is the TV screen, because it is directly related to our viewing effect. Now the screen is basically divided into two categories of plane and surface, let’s see how to choose!

Curved screen is designed according to the radian of human eyeball. The micro curved spherical display can make the realization of human have a central point, so that no matter what position you are sitting, you can see the content of the TV picture clearly; Flat screen is evolved from traditional TV screen, which is more in line with our viewing habits. After the concept of comprehensive screen is used in TV, the advantages of flat screen will be brought into play.

Generally speaking, the effect of curved screen is better than that of flat screen, mainly because it can perfectly fit our eyeballs. However, due to the limitation of curved screen itself, there is a special demand for angle, so you need to sit in the middle to feel its “powerful”, while flat screen does not have this problem, so, In contrast, it is better to choose a flat screen.

5、 Powerful memory storage

With the increase of entertainment audio-visual programs, the user’s demand for TV memory is also growing, but we need to remind you that whether the TV runs smoothly depends not only on the size of the memory, but also on the fact that if the memory is small, it will directly affect the running speed of the TV.

In this process, some online video watching software will be automatically cached to the local memory in the process of running, so too much garbage cache will also affect the smooth speed of the system, so the mass storage in the TV body is still very important.

6、 Processor

The reason why the general 4K TV is better than the ordinary LCD TV lies in the internal processor. The improvement of image quality needs higher processor cooperation, and the high-definition TV above 4K must have more than four core processor to support the TV computing core and graphics processing ability. Among them, 4K decoding core can help to deal with multi tasks, ensure that signal input and decoding are Ultra HD processing, and realize real lossless HD picture.

Generally, TVs with quad core processors are equipped with anti shake processing. Even in high-speed activities, the images of characters will not be blurred, and they will still be clear and smooth. It is very important for friends who love watching football games.

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