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What is curved screen TV? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of curved screen TV

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In fact, curved screen TV is a relatively new type of household appliances. Since it was not born for a long time, many users still don’t know much about curved screen TV, and they don’t know the difference between curved screen TV and ordinary TV. Curved screen TV will show a curved effect from the appearance, This makes the curved screen TV look cool. Since you want to know about the curved screen TV, today we will introduce the information of the curved screen TV.

What is a curved screen TV

Curved surface TV was first launched by Samsung and LG in South Korea, and then domestic TV manufacturers followed suit. Curved surface TV is mainly divided into LED screen and OLED screen. At present, led curved surface TV is mostly sold on the market. LED surface is not the original surface screen, but through the change of physical properties, the plane is bent, which changes the physical properties of the flat. LED is composed of many parts. When the screen becomes curved, these parts can not become curved. This is also the main reason why the body of LED curved TV is thick, and even the back still adopts graphic design. Due to the poor flexibility of LED screen itself, there are big technical defects in physical bending.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of curved screen TV

Advantages: arc shape, more beautiful appearance. Just like people prefer streamlined car appearance and arc contour mobile phone, it is in line with modern aesthetics. Surface structure can obtain larger display area in limited space. The 1.3-meter-wide space is just for a 55 inch traditional flat, but it can fit into a 58 inch curved TV. The viewing angle is wider. Arc design, increase the visual image range, in the back of the TV at an appropriate angle can also see part of the picture display. Bring a more realistic picture telepresence. Like the image embracing feeling brought by the curved IMAX screen, 3D display is immersive. The human visual experience is more comfortable. Arc display, in line with the spherical characteristics of human eyeball, can make every point on the screen to reach the eye at the same distance, eliminate the visual distortion of the screen edge, and create the most natural and comfortable appearance.


Disadvantages: higher requirements for light. Obviously, nonplanar glass can produce some strange light reflections, as can curved screens. Therefore, the ordinary spotlight TV wall may not be very suitable for curved TV, you need to carry out some additional lighting design. A wide range of perspectives is relative. Although curved surface TV has a certain visual angle advantage, it is also relative. Objectively speaking, when you watch curved TV at an angle of more than 35 degrees from the side, you will feel that the screen is distorted because the screen edge is actually bent inward. The curved screen needs to be bigger. Referring to the example of IMAX film screen, curved screen will play an advantage in a larger area, forming a surround viewing experience. So if a flat-panel TV is 55 inches in size, a curved surface TV needs at least 65 inches to achieve a similar effect.

In today’s article, we introduce the curved screen TV in detail. I believe most of the users have a better understanding of the curved screen TV. Combined with the pictures in the article, we can know what the curved screen TV looks like. Today, we mainly analyze the basic information of the curved screen TV and its advantages and disadvantages, If you all want to buy the idea of curved screen TV, I suggest you take a closer look at our analysis of curved screen TV.

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