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What are the highlights of Google assistant compared with other voice assistants

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Allo was launched as early as may at Google i/o conference. The key words of this conference are artificial intelligence, and the most important application that can reflect the “artificial intelligence” element is “Google assistant”. Allo is the message chat application. The biggest difference with Facebook messager and wechat chat applications is the integration of Google identity. Like Alibaba in China, Google has been working hard on social issues, and has never succeeded. From Gtalk in IM era to google+, it has been in a miserable ending. This time, Google has fought social market through allo with AI technology.

What can allo do? Google officials say it integrates intelligent response and Google assistants, and “turning digital assistants into real-life assistants” is the original intention of the software. At the conference, Google i/o demonstrated that allo intelligent replies to friends’ information, reviews the photos received, while Google assistant can help users Book Italian dishes during group chat. What is the real experience? Allo logged in to Google play and Appstore last week. Now, he supports English better, but also supports Chinese. Let’s take a look at the experience.

The ability to judge AI assistant can be seen from three aspects: one is the ability to understand the user’s intention; Second, give the answer, which can make users feel its intelligence and wit; Third, whether “completion task” means whether the service can be provided in addition to the information provided in the answer. Turing test is a classic test in computer history. “If the computer can answer a series of questions put forward by human testers within 5 minutes, and more than 30% of the answers make the tester mistakenly believe that it is answered by human beings, the computer passes the test.” It’s too easy for AI assistants to pass Turing tests, but it’s hard to give 100 percent of answers like people, especially 100 percent of them do tasks like people. Allo’s “real-life assistant” concept is good, but its ability is far from a qualified “digital assistant”.

Google assistant: ideal is full, reality is very bone

Allo is a message chat application. You can send facial expression, text, photos, location and other information with friends. If the other party also needs to install and log in to allo, allo can connect with the address book, so that users can easily invite friends to use allo. To use its “smart assistant” function, you can chat with @google or talk to its built-in contact Google assistant. Google assistant will guide users after they first click on the site, telling them 11 scenes, including subscription, sports, travel, going out, news, jokes, games, actions, translation, weather, Q & A.

The dialogue interface with Google assistant is no different from the ordinary contact interface, and supports text, voice, picture and other types of message formats. In terms of understanding human language, Google assistant is still doing well based on Google’s accumulation of natural language processing and Google now in voice technology. I speak English and speak Chinese. It can basically understand. For more complex sentences, you can send a picture of the bird to Google assistant. It can be recognized accurately. When you continue to ask questions, I will give you the words in Wiki encyclopedia.

Google assistants rely heavily on search engines to give answers. It said that the interesting nearby restaurants and nearby Starbucks will receive the search results of Google maps. If you say a good-looking video, you will receive a video from youtube, which supports scoring, random, up-to-date and other ways. If you ask the latest movie, it will give you a set of movie posters and names, and click it to search for results. In general, Google assistant relies on search very much in the answer. After users click, they will call Chrome browser to open it. Without embedded content, the experience is not good. It feels that Google assistant is a search guide tool, and relies on Google search and also opens the results with browser:

At this point, Google assistant is even weaker. I said “I want to go to Bai Yunshan”. It gave me a brief introduction of Baiyunshan, and didn’t call the taxi app as I expected.

It can be seen that Google assistant still stays at the information level, can only give users answers, but can not perform any specific tasks.

On the whole, Google assistant has a good ability to understand the user’s intention, but it relies too much on search to give answers and can accomplish very few tasks.

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