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What are the differences between HDTV and analog TV?

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What does HDTV mean? HDTV English full name is high definition TV, Chinese name is digital HDTV. Literally, we can see that HDTV belongs to the big family of digital TV. So, what is digital TV? As the name suggests, digital TV means that digital signal is used in all links from shooting, editing, making film source to studio transmitting, transmitting and receiving.

From the perspective of video effect, due to the difference of image quality and bandwidth occupied by channel transmission, digital TV is also divided into several different standards, namely: HDTV (high definition TV), SDTV (standard definition TV) and ldtv (ordinary definition TV). From the perspective of visual effect, HDTV has the highest requirement, that is, the horizontal resolution of TV programs and receiving equipment should reach more than 1000 lines (the resolution can reach 1920 lines) × Its image quality can reach or approach the level of 35mm wide screen film.

From the perspective of audio effect, the anti noise ability of digital TV signal is also greatly enhanced. HDTV supports Dolby 5.1 channel audio streaming, which will bring hi fi level hearing enjoyment. We can see that HDTV, as the highest standard in the digital TV family, is required to reach the highest standard in the three aspects of program production, signal transmission and equipment acceptance. If any one of them is not satisfied, it can not be called the real HDTV.

What are the differences between HDTV and analog TV?

From the perspective of program effect, HDTV Program has high definition, good audio effect and strong anti-interference ability. This is because the transmission process of digital TV signal is almost free from noise interference, and the image quality has not changed. There is not much difference between the TV image received at the receiving end and the effect broadcast by the TV station. In addition, the audio effect of digital TV is very good, which can support Dolby Digital (AC-3) 5.1 surround sound home theater. And the ordinary TV we are using now has poor definition, and sometimes even snowflakes appear (this is also the performance of poor anti-interference ability).

From the perspective of program resources, the number of HDTV channels will multiply. HDTV can transmit 6-8 sets of DVD quality or 15-18 sets of VCD quality digital TV programs with the same transmitting frequency of analog TV channel.

From the perspective of additional functions, HDTV can also carry out multi-functional services, realizing the real interaction between audience and TV station. With the digitization of CATV transmission and user reception, services that could not be provided by analog mode in the past will become possible. The development of new services such as TV website, interactive TV, stock market analysis, video on demand will become easier, and users will become active participants from passive viewers.

After the above interpretation, I think you should understand what HDTV means?! If you have any doubts or comments on the interpretation of this article, please leave a message and let us discuss and exchange.

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