Westinghouse HD 32 Inch TV Slim Compact 720p LED Flat Screen TV with Built-in HDMI USB VGA V-Chip High Definition Small TV Monitor for Home or Office 2022 Model Reviews

Westinghouse HD 32 Inch TV Slim Compact 720p LED Flat Screen TV with Built-in HDMI USB VGA and V-Chip High Definition Small TV and Monitor for Home or Office 2022 Model Product Reviews

  • High Definition Entertainment – Enjoy a range of vivid colors and crisp visual details with our 32-inch Westinghouse TV. This TV LED backlit screen has reduced motion blur with 720p HD resolution for an immersive viewing experience for the whole family.
  • Built-In High-Speed HDMI Cable – With HDMI and USB inputs, you can connect your streaming stick or media player easily to this flat screen TV. Binge-watch your favorite shows or movies with true HD images and sounds using one convenient cable.
  • Cable & Antenna Connectivity – Access free over-the-air broadcasts by connecting your antenna to this HD TV, or connect your cable box for your satellite dish. It also supports DVD and HD video game consoles for quick, convenient playing.
  • Parental Control Features – Monitor what your kids are watching with our 32 in TV. The built-in V-chip of this TV for bedroom allows parents/guardians to block content based on program ratings and check on the parental guidelines of unfamiliar shows.
  • Excellent, Space-Saving Design – The compact, flexible design of this small flat screen TV will fit in any small space from your office, kids’ room, garage, or kitchen. It can be used as an alternative home office monitor, too.

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3 thoughts on “Westinghouse HD 32 Inch TV Slim Compact 720p LED Flat Screen TV with Built-in HDMI USB VGA V-Chip High Definition Small TV Monitor for Home or Office 2022 Model Reviews”

hsawF says:

It is nice to have the DVD option without requiring external device or lots of cables.Now he and I sit together and watch the news, and I get to hear stories I would have never heard before.No internet required.It’s very fuzzy, even after working to adjust it and calling the cable company.The colors are rich and lifelike without being overly bright as on some LED TV’s, including my last one, an Element which this TV is replacing due to blown HDMI ports after only 3 years.Note that this is not a “smart” TV.The built-in dvd player froze up halfway through the first dvd I played, had to power-off and back on again to get it to eject.I called 2X’s and sent an email.Sound is somewhat tinny, a sound bar might help.[/review3][review3] Unboxed, …and severely disappointed it wasn’t the same tv from the pictures.Sound is ehhhh which was expected but with no picture your purchasing a paper weight with audio It’s an excellent television with easy setup. We bought it to go into the bedroom of our RV and is a prefect size and was easy to install on the wall mount we purchased.

PyEal says:

But has a great picture..It did not have component which was one of the main reasons and the whole layout of the ports are different.Multiple attempts needed to get DVD’s to eject The final thing- not releasing my DVD no matter what I did.Still a good tv.A. Muy buena imagen y colores vivos excelentes audio , contento con el equipo,, I bought this, we set it up and put in a new DVD.Issues with the dvd player Thank you for addressing damaged goods and making it right asap I’ll definitely buy again Needed a tv to play my shiny round thingys on….TV was great.

AhKqgt says:

Now it makes a loud vibration sound on every DVD.Blamed cable service.It is already not working, won’t play DVD and the sound is fair at full blast.Had a old dvd only player and hooked that one up to bypass bogus built in player.One came from AccessBoth TV’s had the same problem.Every movie we played 10 plus it would freeze either a quarter, halfway, or 3 quarters of the way through.Hard to control brightness and does not pick up all channels.Would return the unit but missed the return window.By third time camping, the DVD player started scratching disks and not playing DVDs all the way through.First time I used it, it wouldn’t work.HOWEVER…LED screen is damaged and tv cannot be used.My recommendation on this product is “Don’t waste your money and time on it”.I may have had bad speakers.entry-content –><!– .Wish I could return but missed the window.I would not recommend this unit.Called support – NOT helpful at all.

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