VIZIO 70-Inch M-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV Voice Remote Dolby Vision HDR10+ Alexa Compatibility M70Q7-J03 2022 Model Reviews

VIZIO 70-Inch M-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV Voice Remote Dolby Vision HDR10+ Alexa Compatibility M70Q7-J03 2022 Model Specs and Product Review

  • 4K Ultra HD – Over 8 million pixels for breathtaking detail. 4 times the resolution of 1080p!
  • Dolby Vision Bright Mode – You’ll see even more lifelike accuracy, color saturation, black detail, and brightness in Dolby Vision Bright picture mode, thanks to color pixel tuning that ramps up depth and detail to new heights. M-Series also supports HDR10/+ and HLG formats.
  • Quantum Color – Next-generation QLED delivers cinematic color with over a billion hues of vibrant color.
  • Active Full Array with up to 30 Local Dimming Zones – Content-matching intelligent adjustment of the active full array backlight to deliver incredibly deep black levels for stunning depth and contrast.
  • Up to UltraBright 700 – UltraBright 700 delivers bright, detailed highlights at up to 700 nits of peak brightness, more accurately reproducing the nuances in every picture and revealing fine details otherwise lost in light or dark areas of an image.

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  • UPDATE: November 18th 2022
  • Several labels on and in the box warn that the actual screen should not be touched when lifting the TV out of the box, or when moving it around, because the panel can be cracked easily under direct pressure from a strong grip
  • I used this to replace a 40″ Samsung 1080p TV to get the 4K experience out of the PS5
  • I’m writing this review because i haven’t read anything on ps5 gaming for this tv
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  • This Hisense U6HF is the first TV from this brand that I have ever tried, and I can’t say anything bad about the panel itself (and there is very little to gripe about for this price, period)
  • I only give 4 stars because the OS (srly, is really slow)
  • There is no better value $ of a TV than this

3 thoughts on “VIZIO 70-Inch M-Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV Voice Remote Dolby Vision HDR10+ Alexa Compatibility M70Q7-J03 2022 Model Reviews”

PavAn says:

So for starters on the pros:– Timer that can be set, so if you’re like me and like to have noise in the background while you attempt going to sleep, you can set it for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, etc.No one wants to use the TV OS system much less have it built in to TV where if it goes out, you can’t even watch anything on external systems like Roku, Fire and Apple TV.I let it warm up to room temperature to it pack it.1.And while the specs say it works with Alexa, that’s not quite true.Auto-wakes with my AppleTV… Even with the AppleTV, sometimes the TV gets hung up on powering on? Maybe I am just impatient.I feel like the processor could be a bit faster, but I’d probably have to step up to the P series for that.On the positive side, the television has a great picture.Large, good picture quality and sound, great anti-glare, and a good price. Dislike remote.I would definitely purchase it again.picture is very good and no problems but it constantly has small problems.This TV does that.For this TV, you need a supplement external connector such as Shield, PlayStation to access apps such as Disney, Youtube, Etc.It also lost it’s analog audio output.Amazon naturally promptly refunded my money.This is not a direct shot at Vizio but all TV makers.

eHXtA says:

CONS: 1) The dynamic sound adjustment is extremely poorly implemented.Got it mounted and hooked up and it works great.Love VRR, hdmi 2.Large heavy duty cardboard is packaged in front of screen for protection.I didn’t really want a smart tv cause I use my Xbox for everything and plus my internet is terrible cause I’m in a rural area .What I don’t understand is that this tv did not include the ESPN app.1 surround sound speakers.I live in SoCal, lots of sunshine.Motion handling is only tolerable if you turn off basically every feature to “enhance the picture” as you can and even still its jittery even with ideal content. We upgraded our Vizio tv from one we purchased 8 years ago.A few days later I received a Vizio Soundbar for better sound.It’s really good on gaming graphics and I’m a super nerd about gaming and I love all the smart cast features.Vizio’s picture is great and all the built in features surpass other brands – you don’t need Roku with the Vizio and it has tons of built in apps and free content.Would highly recommend! The price is great , but the picture quality is only acceptable.In some ways yes – the screen size, the “smart options”, and with a little tweaking – the picture quality.My previous TV was also 4K but instead of QLED it was simply LED, and up close and personal the old TV looks marginally better.Wanted a bigger screen so chose this 70″ M70Q7-j03.

QSFQtU says:

The colors are brilliant and TV functions beautifully.Good deal! Works well sometimes has a glitch or two but worth the price! Very bright picture quality and the sound is really good.But I will buy them no more.Cons: I made a mistake of not returning this tv shortly after receiving it.While my high end product definitely aged beyond its competition, the Vizio offers arguably better picture quality than my $2,000 Samsung.If i used the tv without the Dish box the tv worked fine.They consistently have dead pixels or lines of dead pixels.Further research states this is a common issue with this model, and VIZIO in general.All I had to do is turn Smart View on my phone and it was instant screen share.This tv is super glitchy— turns itself off, screen goes all black or black in certain areas, apps randomly stop loading.And this one does not have as crisp of picture.Mine looked totally intact, so I re-wrapped it in plastic and set it aside in a safe place while finishing a home renovation.It is great for story mode games if you like that and or if you enjoy watching tv an movie’s.Nothing worse than being all jazzed to watch your new big TV and it goes off for 1/2 hour updating software.It’s lacking in NITS for HDR, but at this price point it’s to be expected.Picture can be a little muddled, it takes effort to fix.

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