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TV turns out to be the on button of intelligent life

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In addition to mobile phones, computers and iPads, TV is the main entertainment equipment at home. Every TV occupies an important position of c-position in the family. It seems that c-position is only used as a tool to watch TV and play games. Today, with the continuous development of television, this habit is constantly changing. Television is not only television, but also the commander of the family. Do you think you don’t believe it? Then I’ll show you how powerful TV is!

At present, many TVs on the market are Internet smart TVs. Through the Internet, you can search movies and TVs in the whole network, connect mobile phone screen games, and also use them as office. But for the concept of intelligence, few people connect TV with control system. It seems difficult to control the smart home appliances in the whole house. Some people are still using mobile phones to control the smart home appliances, but using TV to control the smart home appliances is the king.

When it comes to smart home, many people will connect them with smart phones. Now the so-called home intelligent is through mobile phone, tablet and other mobile control system to complete the intelligent remote control of TV, lights, curtains, etc; But is this really intelligent? Is it really convenient to replace the TV remote control with a mobile phone and integrate the control of socket, light bulb and camera into one mobile phone?

Smart home is composed of a series of single products such as smart TV, TV box, smart home appliances and smart socket. At present, there is no unified platform. Users need to install multiple apps, and these products can’t be linked smoothly.



Just imagine, when you drag your tired body back home, the moment you open the door, the lights and TV at home have been lit, and the windows will automatically close; If it’s in summer, you set the time to go home. When you get home, you will turn on the air conditioner automatically. When you go to the living room, the desk lamp will adjust the comfortable lighting for you; When you go back to your bedroom, the desk lamp in the living room will turn off automatically. Indoor lighting will be timely adjusted to the atmosphere you need to create a comfortable environment for you. The only thing you need to do is to take the cold powder, go to the kitchen, wait for the water to boil, drink the cold medicine, and get ready to go to the bedroom to have a rest. Because you have already set a good time, so the air purifier in the bedroom has been automatically turned on, and the temperature of the air conditioner has also been adjusted to the appropriate temperature. This is based on different people’s data uploaded to the terminal, and the system automatically judges. All the control does not need to be completed through the mobile app, and the terminal will intelligently transfer all the information to each home intelligent hardware.

You don’t think there’s anything that can be achieved except mobile phones? no TV really can!!

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