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TV or projector in living room?

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In fact, today’s projectors are not expensive. You can buy entry-level 1080p machines for 5000 or 6000 yuan. Of course, high-end projectors also need 10000 or 20000 yuan to 50000 or 60000 yuan, or even 100000 or hundreds of thousands of machines. Many people say that the projector is expensive because if you want to use the projector, you will use a whole set of home theater equipment, such as curtain, power amplifier, audio and player, etc. This whole set basically needs tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan.

However, if you only care about the big picture, not the picture quality, you can buy a mini projector for two or three thousand yuan to go home. This kind of mini projector is cheap. It comes with intelligent operating system and sound box. It is easy to put. It can be put on a white wall. The disadvantages are low resolution (mostly 720p), poor image quality and low brightness. Although it can project hundreds of inch pictures, the image quality can not be compared with the real home projector.

It’s true to say that projector is not as clear as TV, but it’s not rigorous. If they are all 1080p Full HD TV sets, compared with 1080p Full HD projectors, the reason why the definition of TV sets looks better than that of projectors is that the pictures projected by projectors are larger. In fact, the resolution of the two is the same, but because the projector has a larger picture, each pixel of the picture it projects is larger, while the pixel of the TV is smaller, so the TV looks clearer.

That’s right. Limited by the brightness, it’s a bit irritating for the projector to watch in the daytime. However, at present, many projectors have increased the brightness output, so the effect of daytime viewing is far better than before. If you add a little shading, such as closing the curtain, the effect will be very good. And now some ultra short focus projectors (i.e. screen less TV, super projection TV and laser TV on the market) use anti light curtain, and their daytime viewing effect is comparable to that of TV.

It’s the first time I’ve heard that the projector has radiation. When it comes to radiation and eye damage, TV sets are far inferior to projectors. For the mainstream LCD TV, this kind of active light-emitting TV screen will shine directly on the eyes, which will do great harm to the eyes after watching for a long time. The projector projects the light onto the screen and reflects it back, which is much less harmful to the eyes than before.

Yes, today’s 70 inch TVs are not expensive. But I don’t know if you have calculated the visual area of a 70 inch TV? And what’s the viewing area of a 100 inch screen projected by a projector? Now I can calculate for you that the 70 inch 16:9 TV screen is about 1.55 meters * 0.87 meters, so the area is about 1.35 square meters, while the 100 inch 16:9 screen is about 2.21 meters * 1.25 meters, and the area is 2.76 square meters. 2.76/1.35=2.04。 In other words, a 100 inch screen has twice the viewing area of a 70 inch screen. Compared with the two, I don’t need to say whether they are good or bad.


That’s right, but we’ve been used to TV sets. After all, it’s still a new thing for projectors to enter the family. There must be something we’re not used to. If the budget is not enough, we suggest that you reserve the installation location of the projector.

It has to be said that today’s TV sets equipped with multi-function bracket, 4K definition, the use of the feeling is still very good.

Having said so much, in fact, the specific installation of TV or projector depends on the habit of every family. I’ve bought BenQ for the projector, and the effect is pretty good. For the TV, my family uses Xiaomi’s, and I haven’t found anything wrong except for more advertisements. By the way, my TV rack is NB. If you want to install TV, you can try it. It’s much better than ordinary fixed rack.

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