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TV HDMI cable is to choose high definition or fiber optic cable?

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TV chasing drama is much more comfortable than mobile phone, which is different from the small screen of mobile phone. The large screen of TV can bring comfortable picture feeling and visual field feeling. But the installation of TV also requires skills. The choice of HDMI line is a learning. Different lines show different effects, bringing different visual experience. Let’s see how to choose it together!

For HDMI, it is believed that many partners are familiar. Computer monitors, notebooks, TV boxes and TV projectors will basically use HDMI wires to connect transmission signals. When choosing HDMI wires, we should pay attention to the selection of wire cores. Different cores directly affect transmission performance, and 22Awg, 24awg, 26awg, 28Awg and 30awg wires are more common, The smaller the number, the thicker the core, the smaller the resistance, the better the transmission performance.

Currently, HDMI interface has hdmi2.1/2.0/1.4/1.3/1.2/1.1, hdmi2.1 is the highest version at present, and there are not many corresponding display devices. Currently, the mainstream devices are hdmi2.0 configuration, and the corresponding hdmi2.0 line mainly includes copper core HDMI cable and optical fiber HDMI cable.

UNITEK is a brand in computer accessories, audio and video accessories, storage surrounding and other fields. Its HDMI wire rod has gained good reputation in the market with excellent quality. It has entered the online shopping mall, and found that the high praise rate of HDMI line 2.0 4K digital high-definition line y-c137u is 99%. Let’s look at the features of HDMI line 2.0 4K Digital HD line. Is it really worth starting?

The hdmi2.0 high-definition wire core material adopts oxygen free copper, and adopts the triple anti-interference design of aluminum foil + knitting + ground wire to effectively ensure the stable transmission of signal. The core wire adopts oxygen free copper with good flexibility, and bending does not worry about the fracture. The joint part adopts gold-plated material, the contact resistance of gilding is relatively low and effectively reduces the contact loss. Besides, the reliability of gilding is high, and there is no problem in plugging and plugging for ten thousand times.

In terms of performance, the bandwidth of y-c137u hdmi2.0 high-definition line is up to 18gbps, which can bring high-definition fine and colorful quality of 4K resolution; 60Hz refresh rate, for high-speed motion picture smooth and not tearing, for example, when watching the game, the screen display is relatively smooth. In addition, HDR high dynamic + 3D stereoscopic effect is supported, which can make the details of the dark part clearer and bring us a good experience of viewing shadows.

HDMI cable can transmit audio and video synchronously. When using one line, it can bring home theater effect of 7.1 sound channel surround sound.

Generally speaking, hdmi2.0 high-definition line with superior performance performance and stable transmission is suitable for short-distance scenarios. Normally speaking, the line length is within 10 meters and the use effect is better.

Because of the loss of ordinary copper core hdmi2.0 high-definition line more than 10 meters, even if the signal amplifier is not more than 30 meters, otherwise, the video quality will drop in a straight line and cannot meet the high bandwidth transmission requirements of 18gbps.

The superior HDMI cable version 2.0 4K high-definition fiber cable solves this problem easily. The core wire is not a traditional copper wire, and it is transmitted by 4-core fiber, which is not afraid of electromagnetic interference. The two ends of the line have a micro pole photoelectric conversion chip. The conversion of electrical signal to optical signal is very fast, and the distance transmission of 150 meters is almost 0 attenuation, which solves the problem of large loss in the long distance of ordinary HDMI line.

The superior HDMI line version 2.0 4K high-definition fiber line supports 90 degree pipe laying wall, and long-distance transmission without loss, which can be used for engineering decoration and wiring, but it is important to note that the direction cannot be reversed and can not be broken.

Because the price of HDMI line 2.0 4K high-definition fiber line is relatively high, for example, hdmi2.0 high-definition cable is used for short-distance transmission, and HDMI fiber cable is used for more than 10 meters. For example, you are a movie and sound enthusiast or the game player can consider using HDMI fiber cable. Through the above understanding, I believe it is difficult to choose HDMI line. If you have any questions, you can leave a message to learn and discuss.

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