SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class QLED Q80B Series – 4K UHD Direct Full Array Quantum HDR 8X Smart TV with Xbox Game Pass Alexa Built-in (QN65Q80BAFXZA 2022 Model) Reviews

SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class QLED Q80B Series – 4K UHD Direct Full Array Quantum HDR 8X Smart TV with Xbox Game Pass and Alexa Built-in (QN65Q80BAFXZA 2022 Model) Reviews and Specs

  • XBOX GAME PASS ON SAMSUNG TV: Now streaming Xbox games. No console required. Gaming Hub is where gaming comes together bringing the best of console games, streaming games and more all in one place. Get your first 3 months of Xbox Game Pass on us.
  • DIRECT FULL ARRAY: Watch the deep blacks and bright whites pop from LED lights directly behind your screen.
  • QUANTUM PROCESSOR WITH 4K UPSCALING: Enjoy your picture automatically converted to stunning 4K by the intelligent processor.
  • QUANTUM HDR 12X 8X: Watch how your picture deepens with an amazing range of immersive color.
  • DOLBY ATMOS AND OBJECT TRACKING SOUND: Sound that moves with the on-screen action.
  • REAL DEPTH ENHANCER: Experience depth and dimension on screen just like you do in real life.
  • SMART TV WITH MULTIPLE VOICE ASSISTANTS: This TV comes with your favorite voice assistants built-in and ready to help. Choose from Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

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3 thoughts on “SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class QLED Q80B Series – 4K UHD Direct Full Array Quantum HDR 8X Smart TV with Xbox Game Pass Alexa Built-in (QN65Q80BAFXZA 2022 Model) Reviews”

ENSFS says:

It’s my 1st 4K TV.I really like this 65” Samsung QLED TV I bought it a bright room because my other tv had a glare problem in a bright room.This one had my attention but was on the fence due the high price compared to other screens of the same size.This TV is very clear and bright! When we are watching hockey and football, the puck and ball are easy to see and the motion flows effortlessly! We would definitely recommend this to sports fans! Known brand.Good enough to not need a sound bar.The Atmos sound is so realistic that it even gets my dog to bark at the door thinking someone is there during movies.It works great and looks very nice.When It’s late I press 3 buttons and eye reliefs mode turns on which dims the brightness 10/10 Overall, this is a pretty good TV.I already own a 60″ Samsung smart TV so knew I wanted to stick with Samsung brand because picture quality was great but even my 60″ TV can’t come close to the picture quality of the 85″.Great disappointment, shame on you Samsung for playing games with unsuspecting buyers! super[/review2][review3] Awesome tv! google calibration settings for q80b to get it looking great fast! set picture mode to MOVIE color tone to warm2, Local dimming HIGH, gamma to 2.Wish the quality was a bit better on the picture.Picture is truly stunning, with very black blacks and gorgeous colors.Good quality.This one has great picture quality and great lows and highs with the 2+2 speakers.Very happy, in love , fingers crossed that it lasts a long time[/review1][review2] This is a great tv, great picture, easy navigation but skip the Smart Things app .

ICdKA says:

2.Just a beautiful was supposed to do unboxibg and setup,but only did a partial unbox.I had to send it back.Hard to understand voices at times.1 speakers and nvidia shield were all recognized.hooked up to my atos sound surroundSound works great love the picture quality This an amazing TV for gaming and streaming.Now the Samsung interface has all the apps I use so I did not have to go to Fire TV but then soon I found that the WIFI built into the TV is poor and often Utube and other app’s freeze waiting to buffer.Timing the purchase with the release of a couple of the all new, latest and greatest editions will inevitably drop the price on yesterday’s latest and greatest and this is a perfect example. Planned to wall mount this 85″ with an articulating mount, so I wanted thick durable housing.The Dolby Atmos sound is so clear that you can hear the most minimalistic sound in detail.Picture quality is fine Excelent[/review4][review5] I am very disappointed with my Samsung 55″ Q80B QLED TV.Seems really big next to our 50 inch we had.I was blown away by the sound provided by the built-in Dolby Atmos sound system.

kKQSvT says:

I did not expect a 2022 model TV to not support major apps.It’s over 2 inches thick.Great picture.Returned and got an OLED.Yes, it did come with a stand, originally, with paperwork referencing screws. fussy, colors are too bright, we tried all settings to no avail .For the price, I don’t think you can find a better TV.g.They are still using a very outdated Bluetooth 4.There are a few pros that I really like about this TV:1) It only has a relative small border all around the screen, about 1/4″ thick and the overall weight of the TV is about 56 lbs which is very light for its screen size and that makes it easier to install it as a wall mount TV.Have had the TV state there was no network available while connected through ethernet and every other device working.Samsung, per usual, tends to be A+ in regards to packaging in my book and this TV was packaged no differently.Great TV Just like a couple of other buyers, mine came damaged.the bezels are pretty small so it looks very nice when it is mounted without the stand.Lines on the screen and no picture showing.Takes forever to navigate through the menus when hooked up to cable tv.

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