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Popular science: what is good TV? How to choose a good TV?

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TVs are durable products, and the service life of TVs in families is often more than seven years, which makes the display technology with fast technology update often bring consumers a knowledge blind spot: what is OLED? Is it big to buy a 65 inch TV with a sight distance of 2 meters? Is Internet TV so cheap and reliable?


These problems come to the bottom, that is, the judgment of good TV and the selection of good TV. We tend to put ourselves in the middle of problems when solving problems. Now I’m sitting on the sofa in the living room and turning on the TV in front of me

Scene one, catch up with a classic American drama

The great wall of despair guard battle is a classic war scene in the game of power. The night watchman fights against the army of savages on the great wall of despair, which is easy to defend but difficult to attack. Because it is a night battle, many plot details and screen contents are hidden in the dark. If you want to capture all the night fighting scenes, the requirements for TV contrast and dark details are very high. However, it is almost impossible for LCD TV with long backlight to achieve such an effect. At this time, you need an OLED TV.

Scene 3, let the black screen disappear

No matter how big or small the modern home environment is, the residents all hope to get clean and fashionable visual sense. Although the traditional LCD TV is much lighter than CRT TV, it is still difficult to meet people’s increasing aesthetic needs. The heavy body of more than ten kilograms must be placed with TV cabinet. More and more people hope to bid farewell to such a fixed combination.

OLED TVs are different. First of all, in terms of the fuselage structure, OLED TVs do not need redundant structures such as backlight layer and filter layer. Simple physical features make almost every OLED TV thinner than expected. Before, we used smart phones to describe the thickness of OLED TVs, but now mobile phones are not enough to describe the amazing of OLED TVs. When describing many OLED TVs, we can’t compare them with smart phones, We have to change “one TV” to “one TV”. OLED TV can perfectly integrate with your home environment.

Scene 4: forget the damage of TV to your eyes

Due to the complex structure of traditional LCD TV, the backlight module needs to penetrate the multi-layer structure to send the image to the human eye. Therefore, in order to achieve the normal display effect, the backlight module needs to release more light, and the most damaging high-energy short wave blue light will quickly gather and reach the macular area of the human eye, causing damage to the eyesight, That’s why eye discomfort comes with it.

OLED TV effectively reduces the harmful blue light output (the data shows that the blue light radiation of OLED TV is more than 70% lower than that of LCD TV) through advanced manufacturing principles. In the process of continuous technology research and development, it further focuses on human eye health problems, and has been unanimously recognized by authoritative institutions, including Tongren Hospital, China Institute of electronic technology standardization, German TUV, etc. If you are still worried about the impact of TV on your family’s eyesight, OLED TV can lead you to rest assured that it is “good for your eyes”.

According to the above description, “what is good TV?” OLED is a wise choice for high-end TV. And how to find OLED TV among the hundreds of display products in the stores? In addition to consulting the salesperson, you can also make your own judgment through the following methods:

1. Knock

The structure of OLED panel is very stable, each pixel is a group of tightly packed diodes; However, the outermost side of the liquid crystal panel is the liquid enclosed in the transparent film, which has poor stability. Knock with your hand, you will see water ripple or flicker on the LCD panel; This is not the case with OLED panels.

2. Take a picture

The pixel level precision control of OLED panel can completely turn off the pixel light source in the full black picture, while the liquid crystal can only control the light through the rotation of liquid molecules. Even if it is completely closed, the backlight will still leak out a little, which is the light leakage phenomenon of liquid crystal. You can turn on the mobile phone camera and stick the lens on the TV screen with full black picture. If it is LCD TV, you can still see the light from the mobile phone screen, while OLED TV will only see pure black.

3. Take a walk

The viewing angle of the screen is also one of the most direct ways to judge the OLED panel or LCD panel. You only need to walk from one side of the screen to the other side and observe the changes of color and brightness on the screen at the same time. If the color and brightness of the screen change obviously in this process, it must be LCD TV. If the performance of the screen is as bright as new from beginning to end, then it is OLED TV.

“How to choose a good TV?” So far, the question has been answered. We have solved the two most important problems in the process of purchasing TV. I believe you will find a suitable OLED.

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