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LCD TV / OLED TV / qled TV difference

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When you walk into the TV section of the home appliance store, you will find that these TVs are all the same. The biggest difference is the size and bracket, full screen, 4K, and even ultra narrow edge. Now it seems that the knowledge you prepared before is useless here. If you talk to the shop assistant, you will find that these TVs are very different, which is one of the reasons for the price gap.

The vast majority of TVs in stores are still called “LCD TVs”, some brands focus on “OLED TVs”, and a few brands launch “qled TVs”. So what’s the difference between these three kinds of TVs? I’m afraid it depends on their display features

Understand the concept! What are LCD TV, OLED TV and qled TV?

LCD (liquid crystal) TV relies on the deflection of liquid crystal molecules to control the light transmitted by the backlight to display images. It has inherent defects in color performance, contrast, response speed and visual angle.

OLED TVs emit light by driving the organic film itself with a current. OLED is an inborn surface light source technology. The light emitted can be red, green, blue, white and other monochromatic, and then achieve full-color effect. It belongs to a new luminous principle.




In terms of technical characteristics, OLED has the advantages of blue light proof and eye protection, and can avoid “dead corner” due to its unique display technology.

In addition, due to the particularity of OLED TV screen, its form can also be “changeable”. For example, the waterfall wall and the rose blooming scene we saw in the exhibition are all spliced by OLED screen (TV).

In terms of image quality or image display experience, qled is superior to the other two in brightness and color richness.

In terms of price, OLED TV of the same size is the highest, and LCD TV is of course the most cost-effective. Qled can be high-end, and the price can also drop below 4000 yuan, so it gives consumers more choices.

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