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Large TV must use this wall mount to choose to go up the wall

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After the new TV comes home, many people now choose to use the TV pylon to fix the TV on the wall. The reason why we all use this way to fix the TV is in these aspects. First of all, the TV saves space on the wall, and there is no need for the TV cabinet to play the TV. Now the TV screen is often 50 or 60 inches, and the floor area is not small, With such a high price, it is not easy to arrange the size of one square meter for it. Another is in the safety considerations, TV on the wall is absolutely safe, the elderly cleaning, children playing in the living room, pets playing in the living room are all security risks, TV on the wall can be a good solution.

But can TV only be fixed at one angle on the wall? Not so. Now that we have chosen TV on the wall, we should make this TV play the biggest role and meet the different viewing needs of all family members. Family members can watch the news broadcast when they eat in the living room, and they can watch movies on the balcony on weekends. They feel tired when they go to work, and they can stand in the living room to exercise. All these situations can be met by a TV bracket, That’s the telescopic TV cradle

Let’s introduce this powerful TV bracket in detail!

1. The core function is: support 90 degrees swing, other brands of products may only swing to 70-80 degrees, can reach 90 degrees but limit the size of the TV screen, the rotation angle is determined by the length of the boom, three strategies this six arm rotary telescopic frame arm length can reach 70cm, screen size can support 37-75 inch TV, with it any angle can watch.

2. Absolute security. The weight of large-size TV is large, and many people worry that the wall will affect the load-bearing, which will cause the TV to tilt and sink over a long period of time. Sance large-size swing hanging machine adopts solid shaft and large-size expansion fixation technology, and the industry-leading innovation ensures the absolute safety of e-commerce on the wall.

3. Absolutely cost-effective. If you know something about this kind of product, you can clearly feel the high cost performance of sance pylon. In the case of more advanced product functions, similar products enjoy a discount of nearly 30%.

In order to better watch the experience, in order to more humanized home life, upgrade the pylon can do!


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