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Is Google home or Amazon echo worth buying?

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I have an Amazon echo and a Google home.

It’s actually two Google home. When I went to the United States last month, I found that my suitcase was still empty, so I bought a second Google home.

Miss Zhu often criticizes me for buying things indiscriminately, which is more diligent than her in buying bags. I have a point. It’s a job. As an excellent entrepreneur, I should be sensitive to all kinds of new technology products.

So, I can feel my conscience and the iPhone 7 plus, pixel, Meizu Pro 6, lumia 950, iPad air 2, surface Pro 3, pixel C, macbook pro and chromebook pixel 2 on my desk and say that I am very modest in shopping.

A few days ago, a magazine invited me to comment on some “different types of products”, including LV bags painted with Mona Lisa, some shoes popular in Silicon Valley, gorgeous sofas, new Ford Mustangs and so on… I thought all day, but I didn’t think of how to comment.

So I’m really focused.

Amazon Alex

Even I’m not really interested in hardware. There are more mobile phones, tablets and computers on the desk, but if you look closely, each one has its own unique combination of operating system and product form. I’m more interested in software, especially in new forms of human-computer interaction.

So when Amazon echo was launched, half of the grass grew in my heart. I can imagine that it is not very useful in China, but out of curiosity about the new form of human-computer interaction, I think I should buy one.

It’s called responsibility.

This half grass survived for a year, during which I bought a house, finished decoration and moved in. One day, sitting in my new home, I thought of this half grass again. I searched Taobao and found that there was a stock in Beijing, so I bought one.

Shunfeng arrived the next day. Impulse consumption is like this. There is no chance to go back.

So a year after Amazon echo was launched, I pulled the grass.

· · ·

Amazon echo is a speaker with built-in Alexa intelligent assistant. That is to say, you can talk to Siri, ask him questions and tell him to do things just like you talk to Siri. You just say, “Alexa…” and you can command it.

Smart assistants are not new. Apple launched Siri in 2011, and Google launched Google now in 2012. Like Alexa, you can talk to them, ask them questions, and tell them to do things. They also have the so-called “hot word wake-up” function. You don’t have to pick up your mobile phone. You just say “OK Google” or “Hey Siri” to them and you can talk hands-free.

So why buy a speaker for a smart assistant?

It’s not that the more advanced the technology, the greater the competitive advantage. For example, the original automatic driving Department of Google focuses on the direct realization of fully automatic driving cars, and the pace of commercialization is not slow. Although Uber is not as good as Google in automatic driving technology, he thinks of the way to operate taxi fleet with automatic driving technology, which may be able to surpass Google.

Innovation in design and business is also a method of leapfrog development. Of course, Uber was so anxious that he played with a lot of fire. Now he may accidentally burn himself. This is another story.

I don’t think Amazon has more advanced intelligent assistants than apple or Google, but I think Amazon is in the right place. Amazon is a very smart company.

Siri and Google’s voice assistant, I don’t know what you usually use them for. I think the most reliable part of them is the story telling. I used to drive to work. I used to think about it on the Beijing Tibet expressway. I always had some wonderful ideas to write down. I tried to shout “OK, Google, take a note…” and often had to repeat it four or five times before I could barely record a voice. Later, I gave up.

These wonderful ideas are lost in the long course of human civilization.

I asked several domestic companies that do intelligent assistants before, and it seems that most of them are for entertainment. In fact, human is a very lazy animal. No matter how bad the math is, everyone is very smart at being lazy. If the success rate of a command is 80% (not speech recognition rate), that is to say, one of the five commands will fail. The next time we want to do the same task, our brain will secretly compare. Do I take the risk of failure to try voice operation, or do I use the traditional method that I know I can do it from the beginning?

To form the habit of the new path, I think three conditions must be met: the new path is much shorter than the old path, the success rate of the new path is high enough, and the loss after the failure of the new path is small enough.

· · ·

After buying echo, I found that Alexa and I talked much more frequently than Google and Siri.

On the one hand, Alexa has seven microphones, and the family is usually quiet. I call Alexa in the kitchen in any corner of the living room. It can hear it. Any corner can be, very sensitive, which is more reliable than mobile phones. And Alexa will give you a clear feedback when he hears it, and in addition to the sound effect, there will be a light that will light up and point in your direction. It’s not the same as calling for a mobile phone that it doesn’t care about.

Yelling at your home is also a little more elegant than in public.

On the other hand, Alexa has few features, which is just one of the advantages. You know what it is good at doing and the success rate will be high. In fact, none of these smart assistants are smart. But other smart assistants need to follow you every day, and Alexa just needs to stay home, and it’s much less difficult.

Take the car, I think there may be a lot of things I want to tell smart assistants——

Who spoke to me? What new posts do you have in the circle of friends?

Go to the Royal war and collect the treasure box.

What time can I get to the company?

Do I have a meeting at ten?

Tell Wenlian that she and I will be a few minutes late.

I’m going to be a few minutes late.

Which road should we take today faster? Beijing chengor Beijing Tibet?


You don’t have so many questions at home asking Alexa, but it always meets your needs[ Note 1]

Alexa, play some music.

Alexa, put some piano music.

Alexa, three minutes.

Most of these operations are not complex, but on the one hand, Alexa is very reliable, on the other hand, calling Alexa is far more convenient than taking a mobile phone Taking a mobile phone sounds like three words, but our smart brain knows that it includes a series of complex processes, such as “recall where the phone is”, “get up and go”, “pick up the phone”, “unlock”, “find the corresponding app”, “open that app”… And so on. By contrast, it’s much easier to call Alexa.

In the desire to be lazy, the habit of using is soon developed.

My family’s lighting system is not intelligent, otherwise imagine hiding in the quilt in winter and shouting “Alexa, turn off the light.”. This has solved the problems that have plagued mankind for centuries.

Google’s product manager must be angry at the echo’s bestseller – it’s clear that technology doesn’t sell as well as us, making such a toy, but selling well.

No way, it was not a pure technology competition. It is a comprehensive competition of technology, design and commerce.

· · ·

So Google launched Google home.

I was on the spot when Google home was released last year in Google i/o, and I felt like a general impression and followed the move.

Later I got my hand… And I still thought it was a follow. There is no new meaning.

But soon, I called Google more than Alexa.

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