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Is Ai HDTV easy to use?

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Nowadays, more and more TVs are labeled as “artificial intelligence”, but the degree of intelligence of each Ai TV is not the same. Some of them only have primary voice function, and can not be regarded as a qualified Ai TV. What kind of Ai TV is easy to use? Let’s take the u8ac TV launched by Hisense some time ago as an example to see what different “characteristics” it has

Far field speech

Voice function is convenient and practical, but every time you need to press the “voice” key on the remote control, and you have to put the remote control to your mouth. You often encounter the embarrassment of not finding the remote control. If you are using a smart speaker at home, you should not be satisfied with this kind of interaction.

Hisense u8ac supports far-field voice function. Four microphone arrays are “hidden” in the star shaped front-end sound hole below the TV. A direct shout of “Hisense Xiaoju” can wake up the TV. With it, we can get rid of the dependence on the remote control to a great extent. We don’t need to use the remote control even when we turn on the TV, so we can use it more easily.

Full scene voice

At first, smart TV only added intelligent operating system. Later, it began to add voice function to become smart voice TV. At this time, voice function can only complete some basic operations, such as movie source search, volume adjustment and so on. Compared with the previous remote control, it’s a lot easier, but it’s not really practical.

The vidaa AI system carried by Hisense u8ac also has the ability of full scene voice, and the ease of use and practicability of voice function have been improved a lot. The full scene voice can realize six rounds of continuous human-computer dialogue, can remember and understand the context, can accurately understand the user’s intention, and can recognize up to 33 kinds of character relationships. For example, you can directly search “the movie Sun Li and her husband played together”

In addition, Hisense’s full scene voice has opened up more than 100 mainstream life scenes in 40 categories of clothing, food, housing, transportation and entertainment. The voice function is not limited to searching the content you want to see. The mainstream life services such as takeout, translation, hotel, air ticket reservation, shopping, Encyclopedia Q & A can be realized on the TV terminal. Some operations that originally need to be completed on the mobile phone can now be completed through the TV.

Full scene image search

Image recognition is a faster way of human-computer interaction than voice. For Ai TV, we should not only understand what people say, but also know what kind of content the TV is playing. For example, if you are not familiar with an actor when watching a TV play, the TV with image recognition ability can know who he is.

Hisense u8ac has the ability to distinguish people and objects. In the process of watching TV, you only need to press the “small gathering” button on the TV remote control, or “who is this”, the TV will automatically identify the characters in the picture, and have a detailed Baidu Encyclopedia information exhibition, even it will identify the relevant items in the picture, and directly provide the commodity purchase link, So the same clothes of stars can be easily bought.

Image recognition is an important indicator of the intelligence degree of a TV, not all Ai TV has this function, so we can see the technical strength of Hisense in the field of Ai TV.

Automatic recognition of intelligent scene

After the scene mode switch, not only can the content currently playing display effect be more excellent, but also adjust the sound effect according to the best effect when watching the program. For example, when the movie mode is turned on, TV will decode and post-process according to the brightness and color domain signal of film shooting, restore the film shooting scene and simulate the color effect of movie theater viewing, enhance the bass, and increase the virtual surround, and obviously improve the viewing experience.

Many of the above functions that Ai TV does not have are also Ai TV. The gap is still quite large. Therefore, it is necessary to compare in-depth when buying Ai TV so that TV can enjoy more abundant intelligent experience if it is bought back

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