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In the living room, which is better, laser HdTV or LCD HdTV?

More and more designers will consider using laser TV instead of traditional LCD TV to build living room and cinema when dealing with flat floor, villa type and other room types. So which is better, laser HdTV or LCD HdTV? How to choose?

Big is king

Mr. Lu, a resident, believes that the reason why he chose laser TV is that the large, 100 inch screen can provide a more harmonious atmosphere for family gatherings and entertaining friends. Usually friends come to play, turn on the laser TV to watch a movie, and the topic immediately opens. Moreover, from the visual point of view, the big screen is also particularly suitable for the living room space, supporting the aura.

Ms. Zhang, a fan of the movie, also agrees with the charm of the big screen. She thinks that the laser TV can enlarge the movie scene, and the huge spaceship and the vast universe can create a large atmosphere and immerse people in it. She also made a wonderful discovery that laser TV can amplify the performance details of actors. In the past, on LCD TV, brother Xun’s tearful eyes were easily ignored, while on the big screen, people immediately felt emotional tension.

In line with the future home life

Mr. Zhang, director of Guangzhou design studio, thinks that compared with LCD HdTV, laser HdTV is more suitable for the future life mode of human beings.

What is the future of human life like? This is a big proposition, many designers, home brands are exploring. Among them, one direction is mobile and modular. For example, Philippe stark, a French national treasure designer, installed a power supply for charging mobile phones on the legs of his bed. Another example is IKEA’s modular sofa. All of them use mobile furniture to meet people’s changing needs and create a flowing living space. This is also the design concept advocated by Mr. Zhang.

He believes that laser TV has greater mobility, helping him build a “changeable” house. The laser TV host is separated from the screen, and the size is light. If the residents want to change the home decoration, they can more easily change the TV position to meet the different needs of the family for space. On the other hand, the 100 inch LCD TV weighs more than 150 kg. Considering the bearing capacity of the wall, it is difficult to move easily.

He loves the Mingji laser TV i960l, which is the 2020 if design award. It is simple and sharp in shape, strong in plasticity, suitable for a variety of decoration styles. When it is turned on, the sliding cover opens slowly, and forms a ceremonial interaction with the family space.

Pursue comfort

Before the decoration, Ms. Wang heard that she was dizzy after watching a large LCD TV for a long time, and finally chose laser TV. She said that when doing finance, she has to face the computer all the time. The screen is a direct light source with high brightness and bright colors. After watching it for a long time, it’s hard to avoid dry eyes and elevated intraocular pressure. On the contrary, when looking at laser TV, the light is reflected into the eyes through the screen to reduce direct stimulation. It’s like being in a cinema, which makes you feel more comfortable. It’s hard to go to work. When you go home to relax, you naturally have to choose a more comfortable one.

The right price

It costs hundreds of thousands to buy a 100 inch LCD. Mr. Wu in Shandong thinks it’s not cost-effective. The money can be used as a child’s education fund or a family’s Overseas Travel Fund. The price of laser TV, which can also achieve 100 inch or even larger images, is generally between 20000 and 50000, which can also fully meet the needs of families. Why not.

Mr. Chen, a video and audio enthusiast, added that when choosing a TV, you should not only look at the price and size, but also consider the image quality. A huge screen with poor image quality has no practical significance. He doesn’t recommend laser TVs with a price below 25000. The brightness is low and the color is not accurate enough.

1. Price. Since 2017, 70 inch TV has entered 10000 yuan, and Xiaomi laser TV has entered 10000 yuan. More than 70% of the demand for laser TV is appropriate. At that time, 80 inch TV started with 34000, and 100 inch TV started with more than 100000. Xiaomi with laser TV + 100 screen has been dried to less than 20000, and Hisense nut Jimi and other brands have cut prices one after another, which shows that the gross profit is not low. To sum up, as long as it’s big, it’s the price performance of laser TV.

2. In terms of experience, laser HdTV Plus anti light screen can only be said to be close to the TV experience. From the perspective of Chinese habits, it can’t exceed the TV image quality experience.

3. In terms of health, laser HdTV is DLP projection principle, diffuse reflection, and the proportion of blue light weighted radiation is far lower than that of HdTV, which is more healthy for the elderly and children.

4. Laser TV can be moved away, and it’s quite convenient for friends to get together to watch games, balls and movies I think the subject can also have a look on the spot. After all, this kind of thing is not cheap and needs to be experienced on the spot.

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