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I bought a 4K TV. Why is the definition so poor?

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Many customers bought a TV and tried it out. Then they came to me to make complaints about it. Why is the picture blurred and what it is like without 4K TV? Did you buy a fake?

This kind of situation is not limited to brands. It’s a very common problem. First of all, unlike mobile phones, shoes and wallets, TVs are easy to obtain raw materials. You can buy raw materials and parts and assemble them yourself.

The most important component of a TV is the screen. There are only a few TV screen suppliers in China. They can’t buy fake products. Even if they do, they are all genuine products, and the cost can’t be reduced. Therefore, TV only has fake machines at most, and there won’t be fake ones.

Is TV really not good?

For example: let’s look at the first photo. The size is 756×756

If you see the above picture on your mobile phone / computer, you will definitely feel that the picture is not clear, but is the definition of your mobile phone / monitor not high?

Let’s look at the second photo. The size is 756×756. Is it much higher than the definition above?

It’s easy to understand that the quality of the picture we see depends not only on the display device itself, but also on the clarity of the picture itself.

At present, many people also plug in IPTV Set-top boxes to watch live TV. However, the definition of most domestic TV stations is very low, and the effect of TV release is naturally not good, which has nothing to do with TV.

There are also many people who watch the domestic iqiyi, Tencent, Youku and other online movie sources, but the so-called HDR / 4K / blu ray provided by these streaming media platforms actually have a very low bit rate and poor effect. If you have the conditions, you can set up a blu ray machine to play 4K discs, or download dozens of G Ultra HD 4K HDR movie sources to know the difference.

So what are the factors related to the TV playing 4K definition effect?

① The definition of the source itself, if the source itself is low definition, then play out is the effect of low definition.

② Does the device support 4K source decoding? If the STB / TV does not support 4K decoding (h.265), it cannot play 4K pictures

③ It’s not necessary to explain whether the TV screen has 4K definition.

If any of the above three points fails to meet the requirements, the 4K screen cannot be played.

TV external broadcast set-top box (support TV live programs, IPTV), set-top box generally does not support 4K decoding (② not achieved), the current TV live programs, are basically 720p or Hd 1080p, not up to 4K definition (① not achieved), even if the HD TV station, the actual broadcast effect is not as good as the real 1080p network on demand content. So watching live TV programs, the definition is very poor, completely normal.

Why is the clarity of the old TV still ok?

Before the small screen definition is low, low resolution TV station live look effect is OK, as shown in the small picture.

The same definition of live TV programs, put on the large screen HDTV, it is more fuzzy.

What can we do?

Domestic TV station live broadcast may be upgraded to 4K, the effect will be better, but the audience will be less and less.

I don’t know if the problem of low bit rate and poor effect of domestic streaming media platforms will be improved in the future, but it’s far worse than that of foreign Naifei.



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