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How to play the movie on the HDTV?

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How to play the movie on the TV? My friends often ask me that I don’t feel like watching movies or playing games on the small screen of my mobile phone. Is there any way to put the pictures in my mobile phone on the TV? There must be some solutions. There are two situations. One is smart TV, the other is old-fashioned TV.

Smart TV

If it is a smart TV, the following methods can be used:

Method 1: in the same LAN, use the projection function of mobile phone.

Now most smart phones have the function of mobile phone screen casting, such as Apple’s screen image, Huawei’s touch connect, etc.



Method 2: in the same LAN, use the projection function of video app itself.

For example, Tencent video and mango TV all have the screen casting function. Take Tencent video as an example, open the smart TV or box, confirm that the TV / box and mobile phone are connected to the same WLAN, and then click the TV icon on the screen to cast the screen. The operation is also very simple.

Old TV

If it’s an old-fashioned TV, it doesn’t have the function of connecting to the network. You can use the device to cast the screen, such as the docking station and the adapter line. And compared with wireless projection, wired projection is more stable. But the premise is that the mobile phone supports the video output function.

Method 1: transfer line

According to the choice of TV video interface, if it is HDMI interface, select type-C to HDMI cable, if it is VGA or DVI interface, select the corresponding type-C adapter.

After purchasing the adapter, connect the type-C interface to the mobile phone and the video interface to the TV

Method 2: docking station

Compared with the adapter cable, the docking station has more complete functions. For example, the 10 in 1 multi-function docking station has HDMI interface and VGA interface for screen projection. The USB interface is used to connect the U disk, mouse, keyboard, etc. the network port can plug in the Internet cable for the mobile phone, making the network faster and more stable! There are TF / SD card slot to read the memory card, audio port to connect the audio cable, charging port to play without power down!

To sum up, there are five ways to use mobile phone screen casting. If you use it occasionally, you can use wireless screen casting. However, if you want to use it for a long time, it is recommended that you use wired screen casting, which is more convenient and stable, and has wider applicability. In addition to the screen casting to the TV, you can also cast the screen to the projector, large screen display, etc.

In the selection of adapter cable and docking station, if you only need the projection function, you can buy a projection cable, but if you want multiple functions, it is a good choice to choose the docking station!

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