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How to cast a TV

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As we all know, if our TV is a non intelligent ordinary TV, we can’t support wireless screen transmission. However, if our TV is a smart TV, we can turn on a special function of the TV and the mobile phone to realize the synchronous picture of the mobile phone and the TV, which is equivalent to our TV has a mobile phone operating system, Isn’t this cool. So how does the TV project? Let’s introduce it.

How to cast a TV

The specific operation method is as follows:

1. Start the smart TV, use the remote control of the TV, find miracast under the application column, and press the confirm key to turn on the Wi Fi display function of the TV;

2. Next, open the phone, enter the WLAN setting interface, press the menu key in the lower left corner of the phone to pop up the menu options, find WLAN display, and click enter;

3. After entering the WLAN display interface, click the search button at the bottom to start the search. After the search, you can see the WiFi signal sent by the TV. Click the WiFi signal to start the connection; After the service is created, it will show that the service has been created;

4. After the connection is established, the content screen displayed on the mobile phone will be synchronously displayed on the TV.

How to project the screen of mobile phone to the TV box:

1. First of all, open our TV box, go to this app, miracast, find and open it.

2. After the mircast function is turned on, the TV box is finally displayed waiting for connection, the mobile phone is turned on, and the WLAN setting interface is entered

3. Press the function key at the bottom of the mobile phone and select WLAN display. Note that it is not WLAN direct

4. Click the box to prompt that the service is being established. After the establishment of the service is completed, the service has been established will be displayed. After that, the content screen displayed on the mobile phone will be synchronously displayed on the TV

5. If the above method fails to reach WLAN display, it is because after the mobile phone is upgraded to the latest system, the WLAN display function will be moved to another place, and more wireless connections can be selected.

6. Then select wireless display and click TV box.

7. After setting up the service, what’s on the TV screen( There may be a slight delay at the beginning, just a few seconds.

8. Move your mobile phone again, return to the main menu and turn on the camera. You will find that the TV screen will display what the mobile phone displays.

I believe many of our friends have played in this way. It looks very cool to project our mobile phone picture onto super TV

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