Hisense ULED Premium U7H QLED Series 65-inch Class Quantum Dot Google 4K Smart TV (65U7H 2022 Model) Review

Hisense ULED Premium U7H QLED Series 65-inch Class Quantum Dot Google 4K Smart TV (65U7H 2022 Model) Specs and Reviews

  • ALL IN WITH THE U.S. – Hisense, as the Official Sponsor of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, will cover the cost of your purchase of a Hisense 65″ or larget ULED Google TV if the U.S. National Soccer Team makes the World Cup 2022 Finals. Purchase on or before 11/18/22. Find more at Hisense-promos.com
  • 4K ULED: Hisense’s proprietary ULED technologies boost color , contrast, brightness, and motion. This suite of patented hardware and software technologies delivers an engaging and completely unique picture that can only be delivered by Hisense.
  • Quantum Dot Wide Color Gamut: Quantum Dot produces purer, richer, more brilliant and accurate colors than a regular LED TV. Creating over a billion color combinations bring vibrant images to life in a way non QLED TVs can’t.
  • Peak Brightness/Full Array Local Dimming Zones: The average TV is 250-350 nits. Anything over 500 nits is extremely good. This television is up to 1000 nits peak brightness across up to 120 local dimming zones for correctly reproducing HDR content.
  • Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos: Dolby Vision HDR picture and Dolby Atmos sound are cinema technology for your home. They provide amazing realism you can see and hear in every scene.
  • Smooth Motion & 120Hz Native Refresh Rate: Smooth Motion removes the digital noise that can affect moving objects. The TV’s native 120Hz refresh rate is the foundation for its 480 motion rate. These technologies work in concert for a great picture.
  • Game Mode Pro: All the most advanced gaming tech, all in this TV. HDMI 2.1 inputs recognize gaming sequences to automatically adjust settings for smooth, uninterrupted play. The automatic low latency mode (ALLM), 120 Hz variable refresh rate (VRR) and FreesSync Premium Pro minimize input lag, screen jitter, and frame tearing.
  • Hands Free Voice Control: Put down the remote. Change the channel, find the latest movie, stream your favorite video and more with your voice. The quicker, easier way to find whatever you want to watch.

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    • It’s got a great picture
    • The TV worked right out of the box at 4K 60Hz with my Mac
    • The picture is great, it’s ultra thin, it’s a great TV with a lot of awesome features

    3 thoughts on “Hisense ULED Premium U7H QLED Series 65-inch Class Quantum Dot Google 4K Smart TV (65U7H 2022 Model) Review”

    gDQsy says:

    We’ve only ever had TVs with a Roku and Roku TVs, so moving to a Google TV was new. Probably the best quality / price ratio on any TV that’s out there.The upgrade from 1080p to 4K was long overdue.Best affordable 75” tv on the market don’t hesitate to buy this for PS5 Xbox series X or just for streaming 4K HDR content.This meets my needs a screen perspective with good brightness, excellent color contrast and and overall amazing picture quality.And it did everything I wanted except one thing.I’ve always solely purchased higher end Samsungs and Sony’s.Extremely low input lag.I was going to buy another but Hisense had a good promotion and had a 65″ in stock that tcl didnt have., a transition between scenes in a movie).The realism, the motion, the colors, just amazed.Examples: The ARC audio feature is buggy, to the point where I gave up and use an optical cable.Switched from a samsung 4K TV and I couldnt be happier.The technology is superb.I would highly recommend this tv! I have a Sony x90j which is really good, but I think hisense tops it! [/review1][review2] I love the picture quality and that it’s 120hz.

    IQQDM says:

    It is, however, more finicky than any TV I’ve owned.Do your research and select Samsung or Sony but don’t waste your money on Hisense TVs Setting up the stand is easy.Otherwise your TV may not show the option to enable enhanced hdmi and gaming mode options.when the smoke cleared, it is beautiful.Three sets in two weeks of fresh batteries.Picture quality is great on this budget tv.The gaming experience with VRR freesync, HDR,4k,120hz, and the low input lag is game changer and has totally changed my ideal of how gaming should be done.The picture quality is great and so is its ease of access.It died in Sept 2022.

    HDfQen says:

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