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HDTV purchase strategy, no regret series

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With the development of technology, TV products are also evolving, from traditional large-scale TV to modern flat panel TV

Machine, network TV, volume is constantly light and thin, TV viewing effect is also better and better, more realistic. electric

It is also a necessity for every family to purchase, but because of the deep water in this industry, people who are not sensible can easily fall into the manufacturer

Marketing routines will increase unnecessary costs without end. From the level of TV production, the quality of the two TV sets is the same,

Next, I will explain from two parts: consumer and product

Consumer side: before buying TV, we should make clear their needs, otherwise they can not use them, excess, and spend more money, and they don’t use enough. They want to use them but they can’t use them. They are quite helpless. Therefore, it is more important to make sure that their needs are more important than understanding the products

1. purchasing channels

2. define the size and price

3. clarify the main purpose of buying TV

4. TV installation

Product end: the steps of the consumer are well done. The product side is to learn to see what the meaning of each parameter of the product is, which helps you to understand the product deeply, so that the product end and the consumer can match exactly and make rational consumption decisions

1. processor chip

2. screen

3. resolution

4. interface

5. refresh rate

6. anti shake technology of MEMC motion

7. backlight mode

8. color gamut

9. peak brightness

10. HDR

11. picture quality processing chip

12. memory and running memory

13. interaction of operating system


1. purchasing channel: it is better to choose online purchase. Why do you suggest this? First, offline purchase is not very strong as a consumer

The experience discrimination ability of the TV will often give the clerk a little bit of a fool about how good this TV is, how well the configuration you have told you, actually, it gives you the machine

There may be some inconsistencies with the description. There will be many disputes in the future. The unreasonable end increases the cost of energy. The second is the Internet

The product configuration purchased is written in the commodity details page. The basic purchase is the same as the configuration described in the detail page. It is very small that the purchase may

If there is any inconsistency with the description, someone will ask again. The merchant will write disorderly the details page. Can you confirm it

This problem will exist. So I suggest that you give priority to the purchase of JD self operated store or official flagship store, and all others

It is not considered that, this kind of risk is greatly reduced, and JD logistics is fast, and after-sales service is well-known. After all, JD is

As an electronic product, it has strength and foundation in this respect. Many electronic products are first-time products with goods in JD

2. clear the size and price: the two most important points of TV purchase are these two. Only when the two demands are determined can they be down

The price can be determined according to their own budget and the size can be determined according to the distance of the family watching TV

To determine, the following is the best viewing distance for reference

50 “–1.8m

55 “–2.2m

60 “–2.6m

65 “–3.0m

70 inches – 3.3m

75 “–3.6m

80 “–4 M

85 “–4.4m

Over 90 inches – more than 4.4m

The above best viewing distance is for reference only, not necessarily according to this standard, the most important is that you like to see more distance

Large size, some people may want 70 inches in more than two meters, like to watch larger screens, so the best way to go to the neighborhood experience

The shop can better match their needs by experiencing their favorite distance and size matching. Others

The design of the TV frame when the court house is decorated is embarrassing. It can only be adjusted by the distance between the viewing and the shadow

3. make clear the main purpose of buying TV: some people buy TV to watch movies and watch TV series more, others are specially used for playing games

There are many plays, different uses determine the different direction of purchase. The movie and TV series should be more colorful and the quality of the painting is different

Good technology, play the game more inclined to refresh rate high, in the product side of the configuration parameters will be explained in more detail Oh

4. TV installation: TV placement is divided into suspension type and placement type. If the suspension type is adopted, it is necessary to select the contact on the back of the TV

The walls should be hard, if the hardness is weak, the reinforcement operation shall be carried out, and if possible, PVC pipe shall be set in the wall,

Because there are so many connecting lines to TV, they can be hidden in the wall, which looks beautiful. PVC pipes are vulgar

To call a water pipe, in big words, it is necessary to open a hole in the wall where the water pipe can be placed. If you want to select a curved TV, you can only

Placement, can not be suspended, but the surface screen will look better than the straight screen, but the surface screen will often be more expensive

Product end:

1. processor chip: the processor chip determines the speed of TV operation, but due to the main generous purchase of TV

The surface is the visual effect. The speed can not determine the viewing effect, but it only determines that you use the remote control to control the electricity

The video software is fast and slow. Like the processor chip of mobile phone, it needs strong chips to support it if it is running fast, but the TV is not

Processor chips do not need such strong processing capacity, only enough to run smoothly enough, some businesses will continue to give

You sell it, which is a dozen cores, which is very frequent. It doesn’t mean much. The rendering level of painting quality is strong with processor chip

The relationship is not strong. At present, the best processor chip is A73, the minimum is A53 chip and the core number is at least four cores

Personality is enough. If conditions allow, you can choose some, which is a bonus

2. screen: the display technology of the screen is divided into LCD (commonly known as LCD screen) and OLED. The difference between LCD and OLED is that LCD

It can not self-illumination, it is to use backlight to light. As will be said in the following concept, OLED can self-illumination, but it is now mainstream

Using LCD screen, LCD is mainly divided into VA panel and IPS panel. The advantage of VA panel is high color contrast value and black display

The deep, the disadvantage is, slant side watching TV color will reduce, slow response speed, low panel hardness, easier to bad. IPS

Panel: good visibility, low color contrast value, white and light leakage will appear in black areas, fast response speed and hardness of panel

High, more resistant to fall, so the general choice of playing games is IPS panel, watching movies and TV series, generally choose VA panel, tips: VA surface

When the panel is pressed hard, the screen will show ripples. The IPS panel will press firmly without any ripples

3. resolution: refers to how many pixels can be displayed by the display. The screen display screen is composed of one pixel point,

By controlling what color each pixel point should display, an image is formed, that is, the more pixels are displayed more and more densely

The clearer it is, the more clear it is, 2K, 4K, 8K is the resolution, and the standard of 2K resolution is 2048 × 1080, 4K resolution standard

It’s 3840 × 2160 or 4096 × 2160, 8K resolution 7680 × 4320。 Market vendors are launching to reduce costs

A kind of false 4K is confused with true 4K. The first condition of 4K is to achieve the resolution, and the second true 4K screen pixel arrangement mode

It is RGB in three colors, and the pseudo 4K pixel arrangement is RGBW four colors. Therefore, if the merchant claims that the four color 4K is false 4K, pure

Cheating consumers is not sensible, but also proud of it. It is really grumpy

, a method of identification can take pictures of TV with mobile phone, then enlarge it, and you can see the pixel arrangement. 3 colors are true

4K, 4 colors are fake 4K. And the last condition is the interface

4. interface: the real 4K screen has 2.0hdmi interface. If not, it does not have the basic conditions for 4K playing, HDMI

The interface is an interface for video and audio transmission, such as set-top box or mobile phone video that needs to be used when it is put on TV

Interface, so it is embarrassing to have an input source of 4K resource, but the transmission speed of the interface is less than 4K level. Besides, it is also seen that the connection is available

Does the port support h.265 video format, which is a special 4K encoding format

5. refresh rate: refresh rate in big vernacular is how many pictures the screen has refreshed every second. In fact, our TV is moving with us

When you look at the page turning animation, each one draws an action, and then quickly flips it manually. It seems to move on the page

So, the essence of TV is the same. That is, the faster the refresh rate is, the smoother the animation is, the more stable the image is, the less it will appear

That kind of action to another action span is too large, it feels like skipping, the mainstream refresh rate of TV in the market is 60Hz,

If you want to play games or watch sports, you can increase the refresh rate requirements. The medium and high-end models are more than 60Hz,

Some high-end models can reach 120Hz

6. MEMC motion anti shake Technology: the so-called motion anti shake technology is in big vernacular because of the switching process between two images

Too large, fuzzy, which may be caused by poor input resources. This technology is to generate a transition painting by itself

The two pictures before and after seamless connection solve the problem of too large span and fuzzy, so the TV with this technology has details

The upper performance will be better, the picture will be more stable and smoother. The existing low-end models in the market are not equipped with MEMC technology, but the middle end models are

On the top, MEMC technology is equipped at the middle end. This technology works with refresh rate to make the picture more smooth

7. backlight mode: backlight mode is mainly divided into side in type and straight in type. As the name implies, side in type is to benefit on both sides of edge or bottom

Light the TV with a light guide. As the name implies, the direct entry type is evenly distributed behind the fuselage, but due to the backlight and screen, there is a certain amount

The distance is thicker than that of the side entry type. Generally speaking, the direct in type light control effect is better than that of the side entry type, because the direct in type light control area is better than that of the side entry type

The distribution of the region is more uniform and the light source distribution is better controlled reasonably. In some places, the light should be bright, the dark and the contrast will be better, and the display effect will be better

The results will be better, but not absolutely. Some medium and high-end models will have better side in type light control than low-end models, mainly

Still look at the manufacturer’s light control technology, but with the development of technology, it will gradually tend to be side in type and can also follow the direct in type of light control

Good, can also obtain the side entry type light and thin advantages, the current high-end machines are generally direct in type light control, medium and high-end machine side in type, low

End to end.

8. color gamut: color gamut refers to the range of colors that can be displayed on the screen. The higher the color field, the more colorful the image is, the color field

Low, some places the color should be displayed is not shown, it looks very flat and not so bright, so if you want to power

If it looks more colorful, choose high color range. Generally, high color gamut is suitable for taking movies or watching some natural landscapes. Basic color gamut

All at 72% NTCs, which is the standard color range of low-end machine. The middle and high-end ones are above this value, and the high-end function reaches


9. peak brightness: peak brightness refers to the maximum brightness that TV can display, unit: nit, and the average TV set is 450-

600nit, 650-850nit at the middle end, and higher end of more than 10000nit, the higher the brightness, the more can restore the brightness difference of the real world

10. HDR: when buying TV, you will hear the word HDR. The word means high dynamic range imaging, HDR

The purpose is to restore the real world image performance, and adjust it from the brightness difference and contrast. The larger the dynamic range, the image

The brighter the brightness is, the worse the darkest brightness, in fact, the so-called HDR is not the peak brightness, the color domain determines, HDR

It is just a standard. Many businesses like to use this word as marketing word to show their products’ high-level, the more you don’t

Understand the more powerful, so you just need to ensure that the peak brightness, color range is high, and then have a good quality processing chip can do it


11. image processing chip: image processing chip is different from processor chip, and this image processing chip directly enters image

Line processing, a bit like PS repair, make the picture repair more beautiful and beautiful, image processing chip is not every enterprise has

Yes, only in this industry, the strong brand makers have the technology precipitation for many years, and are generally unique and not external

Supply, generally used on high-end flagship, similar to Sony’s X1 chip, Samsung 8K chip, LG’s α 9. Hisense

Hi view pro, etc

12. memory and running memory: memory refers to the size of storage space, what can be installed, mainly system soft

The space occupied by the running of the device is whether the individual has the habit of downloading the memory chip. However, the network speed is so fast and there is no one

How many people will download it and watch it directly, so the size of 8G is enough, and the demand for it is higher,

Running memory refers to the software with the same time running how much space can be run. It is enough to select more than 2GB of running memory as far as possible. Yes

Higher requirements continue to add, and running memory determines the fluency of your software

13. interaction of operating system: Android system is generally installed. WebOS used by LG is generally selected. For Samsung, tizen is adopted, yes

Based on Linux system cooperation, yunos system developed by Alibaba can be purchased before you go to the physical store to experience one

Next, see the interaction of the operating system is not your appetite, and also pay special attention to whether there are advertisements, some manufacturers should eat exactly, and force

If the consumer is extremely disgusted by advertising, they can exclude such kind in advance. Besides, check that the remote control of TV does not conform to the requirements

Humanized design, whether the appearance is satisfied, these are all added items. It is left for you to consider it. It is not uncommon to consider the general direction well

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