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HDTV, projection, laser TV, who is the king of the living room?

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Before, TV is a proper living room C, remote control is the center of the universe, how many two people because of the remote control and quarrel. Now who still watch TV? When we go to relatives on the new year’s Eve, a room of people from the old to the children hand a mobile phone. TV only eats the gray.

Television is becoming weaker and weaker, and smart projectors and laser TV have become more and more popular in recent two years, because they are more suitable for young people. Projection is more portable, where to invest, for the rental party can be called the artifact; The laser TV screen is large, and the momentum of the cinema is the one that is needed 100 inches. Both are rendered by diffuse reflection, and are more eye friendly than television.

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The emergence of these two products has made us have two more new options when we buy “big screen”. However, both projection and laser TV have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is not necessarily better to put together with TV. TV, projection, laser TV, who is the king of the living room? Today, we will look at which of these three products is more suitable for you from the most basic use experience.

It is necessary to explain that the price range of intelligent projector is 2000-6000 yuan, and the price of laser TV varies from 9000 to 30000 yuan. They are not equivalent products. Therefore, we will make a detailed comparison between them and the corresponding price TV.

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The quality of the picture of TV is much better than projector and laser TV.

Intelligent projector can be called rental artifact, and can be taken away when you move.

The intelligent projector will bring a strong immersion feeling in the dark environment, but the picture will be white in bright environment.

There is a need for projection during the day. The brightness should be above 1000 ANSI lumens. When using, please pull the curtain.

The biggest advantage of laser TV is the screen size, and the 100-150 inch screen is more exciting than it is supposed to be.

The price of TV sets over 100 inches is more than 100000 yuan, Samsung and Sony sell 500000, while 100 inch laser TV is only RMB 1-30000.

HDR of some TV propaganda is gimmick, all projector and laser TV propaganda HDR are stunts.

The number of HDR resources of domestic video websites can be ignored.

MEMC motion compensation is a marketing vocabulary of the manufacturer, which will reduce your viewing experience, and it is better to turn it off.

The biggest advantage of intelligent projector is portability. A power cord, a bracket, a white wall, you can get a large screen. Ding Ding, editor, said her projection is usually used to cast on the ceiling to see, tired eyes closed without delay sleep. Catch up with the move, projector plug bag directly to take away, than pack up television that behemoth do not know where convenient to go.

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It’s not better than portable TV, it’s better than a picture TV. For more than 2000 yuan, you can buy a 50 inch, 4K resolution Ultra HD TV. Compared with 1080p intelligent projector, the image is not very delicate. Even if some projectors can reach 4K level, there is still a gap between the details of color gamut, contrast and other details.

In terms of size, projectors do not take a big advantage. Although the official claim that the projection can achieve 100 inches or even 300 inches, the forced amplification is based on the premise that the picture brightness is reduced and the quality of the picture becomes poor. The best size of projector painting quality is about 70 inches.

The size of projector is related to the projection distance. The projection ratio of the mainstream intelligent projector is 1.2:1. The relationship between the picture size and the projection distance can be referred to the following figure:

The biggest short board of the intelligent projector is brightness. At present, the brightness of the projector sold in the market is generally between 500-1500 ANSI lumens. This brightness range will appear obvious picture whitening in bright light environment. Here is a picture for reference:

The projector brightness is 600 ANSI lumen above the strong light in the room, and the projector brightness is about 1100 ANSI lumen under the left and right

If the indoor light is slightly weak and there is no direct light, the projector with brightness above 1000 ANSI lumens will be in an acceptable range. So if you have the need to watch video during the day, remember to pay attention to the brightness performance when you choose the projector.

Indoor on light, micro bright, 1000 ANSI lumen projector screen performance

The color difference of the photo is better than the picture

The darker the environment, the better the effect, the projector feature, will let you feel a sense of immersion when you watch the movie at night – when you pull the curtain off the light, the pure picture will bring you into the whole plot, which is very similar to watching the film in the movie. TV is self-illumination of the screen, which can be dazzling in dark environment, so it is unlikely to bring you the same feeling. It is more suitable for daily news and drama, rather than focusing on video projection.

Compared with TV and projector, laser TV is not common, so I will give a brief introduction to it.

The image presentation of laser TV is similar to projection, and it also reflects the light source onto a plane. However, unlike projection, because of the use of laser as the light source, its picture performance will be better than the ordinary intelligent projector, and does not need a long projection distance, 30 cm from the wall can project 100 inch large screen.

The picture comes from the verge

At present, laser TV products have achieved 4K level display effect. Daily watching movies and chasing plays, the quality of laser TV is enough to meet the needs of most people. With special curtain, laser TV will have good anti light effect, and can adapt to bright environment more than projector.

The picture performance of laser TV in bright environment

The color difference of the photo is better than the picture

The curtain is mainly used to resist light. If the laser TV directly throws white walls, the picture will also be as white as a projector, so it is recommended to use it together. This kind of anti light curtain can be divided into two types, one is Fresnel hard screen, which can increase the brightness of the picture and resist the light source in different directions, but the visual angle will be worse, which is suitable for the room with brighter light. It is important to note that the hard screen itself cannot fold or curl, and the elevator size needs to be measured before purchase and installation to avoid accidents of not going into the elevator.

The other is black gate soft screen, which can be seen better, but it will reduce some brightness, resist the light source in the upward direction, and not resist the left and right light, so it is suitable for the darker environment of light source. The soft screen can be curled and it will be more convenient for handling and installation.

Compared with the same price TV, laser TV still has no better picture quality than the former, and it also needs a wall to hang the screen, which seems to find no obvious advantage. But laser TV can draw the score by one word: big.

The projection size of laser TV is between 80 and 150 inches, while the mainstream TV size is within 75 inches. Over 80 inches, the price of TV is over 20000, to 100 inches, and the price of the optional products is very low and the price is also surprisingly high. The prices of domestic brands Kangjia and Skyworth 100 inch TV are 100000 and 190000 respectively, while those of Samsung and Sony exceed 500000 yuan.

Sony 98 inch TV official website costs 529999 yuan

Compared with the price of laser TV, the price is between 10000 and 30000, which is the only choice for ordinary users to enjoy super large screen. But you might ask, do you really need that big screen?

I think the bigger the screen is, the better, as long as the space is available. At least 3 meters or so of viewing distance, 100-150 inches does not produce discomfort, the only feeling is cool, the visual impact it brings is simple and rough direct to the people, and it is a truth to go to IMAX hall to watch movies.

Whether you want to buy TV, projection or laser TV, you should pay attention to not being fooled by the marketing vocabulary of the business when buying. In the last two years, the manufacturers who produce and sell these three types of products mislead consumers with useful technical selling points, the most typical of which are “HDR” and “MEMC”.

First, HDR (high dynamic range imaging), whose Chinese name is “high dynamic range imaging”, is used to display a larger brightness range. To explain this technology, it is still clearer in the figure above:

HDR on the left, fireworks and details of black images in the background are clearly visible

Right side is not HDR, fireworks are already pasted, and black in background can’t be seen

Although the technology is good, it is not easy to achieve HDR effect, and three conditions need to be met:

1. The device itself can decode HDR file 2. The device display screen supports HDR display 3. The film file is taken for HDR

At present, many manufacturers regard HDR as a big selling point, but some brands of TV, as well as all projection and laser TV, only meet the first point, namely, a chip can decode HDR film is built in, and the screen itself does not have the ability to display HDR effect. In order to avoid being considered false propaganda, they also made small words to mark them, which can be said to be quite ingenious:

Common operation of TV, intelligent projector and laser TV manufacturers

In addition to hardware problems, the HDR resources provided by several domestic video websites are almost zero. Therefore, even if we buy chips and screens to support HDR TV, watching domestic video content will not feel the improvement of the quality of pictures. However, HDR will be a trend in the future. If you are looking at the quality of the picture, you should open your eyes when buying TV to avoid buying fake HDR products.

With HDR, let’s talk about MEMC (motion estimation and motion compensation), which is called motion estimation and motion compensation in Chinese, and “motion smoothing” in foreign countries. Almost all the brands of intelligent projector and laser TV will emphasize that MEMC will make the picture more smooth; In the television industry, some manufacturers claim that MEMC technology is an important indicator to distinguish high and low-end TV. These claims are highly misleading.

We know that video is made up of a picture. The frame rate of a film is 24 frames, that is, a second of video picture is composed of 24 pictures. MEMC technology principle is that after the screen content is estimated, some pictures are inserted between each frame, so that the video picture reaches 60 frames. The video of one second is composed of 60 pictures, and the picture will be smoother in theory.

MEMC function demonstration, algorithm inserts intermediate frame between two frames

Pictures from reviewed

The idea is good, but the image effect that the algorithm can achieve is very poor. When this function is turned on, the screen will show drag and shadow when watching the movie. Playing game control will be delayed, not only does not improve the visual perception of the picture, but will have negative effect.

When mission Spy: total collapse released blue light films last year, Tom Cruise, the star, posted a video on twitter, and, together with the director of mission: total disruption, called on viewers to turn off MEMC functions to prevent this bad technology from affecting the visual presentation of the film, which is an indirect public criticism of TV manufacturers by the film and television industry.

“I want to tell you in the space of the film that the best way to watch” mission Spy: a total breakdown “(or any of your favorite films) at home.” Pictures from Tom Cruise personal twitter

Despite resistance, manufacturers are reluctant to give up the marketing gimmick. Netflix, who worked with Sony to design a “one button off MEMC” feature on its TV, has no other manufacturer willing to join, for fear that competitors will exaggerate MEMC and fall in the market.

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