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Eight advantages of projector replacing TV

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In the modern home decoration, the projector has become a new TV wall design. It not only replaces the TV, but also brings us a different experience. So under what circumstances can you choose to use a projector instead of a TV? Today, let’s talk about this topic!

1. Integration of guest and restaurant, cancellation of TV wall

In a small horizontal hall, if you put the sofa or TV cabinet in the middle, the moving line and activity space of the whole living room and dining room will be very crowded. In this case, you can put the sofa and dining table at both ends against the wall, and then add an electric curtain on the ceiling between the living room and dining room. You can put it down when you watch a movie, and put it away when you don’t watch it, Keep the space spacious.

2. Special structure of TV wall

There are some special cases on the TV wall, such as an indoor window. If the TV cabinet and TV are installed, the wall is usually not uniform and the design is not good, and it is easy to block the window. In order to make use of the space and make it beautiful, we can cancel the TV and let the projector replace it. We usually put away the curtain without looking at it to keep the function and beauty of the wall.

3. Small living room width, cancel TV cabinet

In some small family types, the living room area is relatively small, according to the conventional TV cabinet, tea table, sofa layout, then the middle of the moving line will be very crowded. In the small living room, we can cancel the TV cabinet and TV, so that the space can be more relaxed, and then the projector can be replaced to realize the function of viewing the shadow in the living room.

4. TV wall and sofa wall

In the design, the sofa wall and TV wall were adjusted in contrast, but there was no socket on the new TV wall (there was power line on the ceiling), but the decoration of the house was relatively new and clean, and did not want to destroy the original decoration. In this case, we can consider using projector instead of TV to realize low cost transformation scheme.

5. Keep TV wall background intact

The TV wall has made a beautiful background. If it is put on the TV, the beautiful background will be blocked. At this time, the projector is used instead of the TV wall. Usually the curtain is closed, and the background wall is very high-level. When it is necessary to watch TV, the curtain can be lowered, which is beautiful and practical.

6. Small size to be accepted

Small living room, want to make TV wall into storage cabinet, in order to improve the space storage design, can cancel the television, the entire TV wall is customized to the storage cabinet, and then use projector to replace the television, in the cabinet top of the projection curtain, so that both storage, but also can guarantee the basic functions of the television, is also a very practical solution.

7. I like big screen

Many young people put on projectors instead of TV, because they like the big screen viewing experience. No tens of thousands of TV sets on the market can not be bought. Even if they have money to buy them freely, the elevator is small, and other reasons, they may not be able to move home. Therefore, projectors are naturally the price-effective choice of “family cinema”.

8. Both of them need to experience life

I met many customers who are equipped with TV sets and projectors. The reason why I do this is to facilitate the different needs of the family and people. For example, in the families of three generations, the old people are used to watching TV and watching projectors, and young people prefer large screen projection and stimulation. In order to balance the needs of the family, they can choose to install projectors and TV sets. In the daytime, the old people watch TV and young people work. At night, young people can watch the projector.

There are many advantages of projector replacing screen. If you just encounter the above situation, you will certainly be right to install the projector!

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