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Curved HDTV vs flat HDTV

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Since the birth of television, technological innovation has never stopped. From the earliest black-and-white color TV to today’s increasingly thin LCD TV, from the single function of only watching fixed programs to the advent of the Internet era, TV has become an intelligent terminal to understand the world, Nowadays, no matter how thin the screen is, you can’t be surprised. The appearance of curved screen has attracted a lot of exclamations, although it has broken through people’s cognition of TV modeling. But the current tepid market performance, compared with flat-panel TV, still let people down, so we choose a curved surface TV or flat-panel TV? Let’s talk about it today


The curved screen first appeared in the cinema. As we all know, people’s eyes are spherical. When the eyes see things on the plane, they will deform and bend. The screen of the cinema is very large, and the distance between the eyes and the screen and the surroundings is different. If the flat screen is used, it will produce deformation, which will affect the viewing effect. The curved screen will not have this problem, and it can increase the immersion feeling.

So curved surface TV was born. If people who buy curved surface TV can enjoy the same immersive experience at home, this product is undoubtedly a great success. Although the concept is very good, curved surface TV is not very popular in the market for this reason.

Disadvantages of curved TV (advantages of flat TV)

First of all, the price factor! Now the smart terminal market is fierce. Before there were smart phones, but now there are smart tablets. They all want to get a share in the market. Moreover, most consumers value the cost performance of their products. Curved TV has very high requirements for technology and materials, which directly indicates the high cost. This high cost indirectly affects the price of the terminal, Although the price has dropped slightly, compared with the ordinary flat-panel TV, the price is still on the high side

Secondly, flat panel TV is easier to hang on the wall or put in the family living room. Because of the shape of curved surface TV, if consumers hang it on the wall, it will affect the beauty. After all, curved surface TV has a certain degree of warping on both sides. Compared with flat panel TV’s straight lines, flat panel TV is more suitable for wall hanging, so it looks more beautiful as a whole. Curved surface TV can only face its inherent shortcomings awkwardly.

Finally, at the beginning of the birth of flat-panel TV, it was to create a sense of immersion in the cinema. However, due to the influence of the screen size, the current mainstream TV is 60-70 inches, so the smaller screen will not highlight the advantages of curved surface TV, and few people will naturally pay for it combined with the higher price.

After talking about the disadvantages of so many curved screens, let’s take a look at the advantages of curved screens over flat-panel TVs. Obviously, first of all, the unique appearance design can definitely brighten your eyes. Nowadays, flat-panel TVs have been assimilated seriously, and the proportion of screens is increasing. No matter what brand, it can’t make a big difference in appearance, And curved TV with its unique appearance design, beautiful lines, placed at home can definitely give you a trace of exquisite style.

From the perspective of viewing effect, the curved screen will form a surrounding feeling for the viewer because of its shape. We can get a very good viewing effect from any different angle. A larger viewing angle can give you the illusion of being on the scene. When you sit in the middle of the curved TV, this feeling is the strongest. Take a simple example, If there are four or five people watching TV at the same time, the people sitting on the edge of the flat panel TV will lose some color or deform the screen because of the viewing angle, and the curved surface will have no problem because the edge of the screen is tilted. Another important point is that the concave design of curved TV will have better viewing effect in the daytime, and alleviate the influence of screen reflection on viewing effect to a certain extent.

Above, we have roughly analyzed some disadvantages and advantages of curved surface TV, and also know the differences between curved surface TV and flat panel TV. Curved surface TV has certain advantages in modeling and viewing experience, but flat panel TV market is still dominant in terms of price and customer cognition. Of course, if you are a consumer who pursues new technology and wants to enjoy a certain surrounding atmosphere at home, you can really try curved surface TV. At the same time, if you don’t worry about the price, you can choose a larger screen, which can also bring better viewing effect and create a home theater effect.

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