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Composition and working principle analysis of liquid crystal panel

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As we all know, LCD panel is the heart of LCD, which accounts for more than 80% of the cost of the whole product. Its quality will directly affect the color, brightness, contrast, visual angle and other functional parameters and display effect of the display. But what is the internal structure of the LCD panel? Here is a brief introduction.

First of all, let’s understand the working principle of the display. In short, the imaging principle of the display is to stimulate the deflection of liquid crystal molecules by applying voltage to produce point, line and plane images. The liquid crystal molecules will block the passing rate of light emitted by the LED backlight like a gate, and then cast the light into color filters of different colors to form images.

The liquid crystal panel is usually composed of liquid crystal molecular layer, filter film and backlight. In the structure between the liquid crystal molecular layer and the metal back plate, there are mainly reflector, refractor and three layers of filter film.

The function of the reflector is to reflect the light back and reduce the loss of light. The function of the refractor is to reflect and refract the light in its interior and distribute it evenly in the whole LCD screen. The function of filter film is to remove the light of a certain wavelength. The three layers of filter film have their own functions.

In the LED backlight, in addition to the light source, it is equipped with a transparent filter layer and a white reflector. There are many particles on the filter layer to make the backlight more uniform by refraction and reflection; The reflector can increase the brightness of LED backlight.

LED backlight with reflector, refractor and filter film, the light source can be more evenly distributed in the whole screen, but there are few bar design LED backlight light can be very evenly distributed in the whole screen, so many high-end displays or professional level displays use dot matrix LED backlight design.

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