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Can you experience PC-level gaming effects on your HdTV as well?

With the release of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 30 series flagship graphics cards and the Chinese clubs kicking off the League of Legends World Championship S10, gaming and esports have become part of our entertainment, socialization and culture without a doubt. A good gaming experience has always been a necessity, you need a PC with good configuration, a group of teammates who work well together, and most importantly, you need a good visual experience.

A good gaming experience is very important. For example, in a dimly lit cave, you can rely on a higher contrast to spot enemies first.

In first-person shooters make judgments 0.1 seconds faster than your opponent.

Although the world’s martial arts are only fast, but if you can’t see and react too slowly, you can basically have nothing to do with the victory of this game. Frame rate, image quality, response three hands together, is the eternal topic of PC players can not get around. Especially if you buy a high-end graphics card, if not with a better CPU, keyboard and mouse, screen, to achieve a good gaming experience is also a pipe dream. Interestingly, in this discussion, the TV is often excluded.

Is there no room for a TV with a bigger screen and better view to make an appearance? The answer to this question is given to gaming TVs. Yes, it is more attractive to experience the thrill of going against the wind and fighting against the crowd in a spacious room than in a confined room. But the concept of game TV is blurred by various manufacturers, players in a bunch of marketing terms to find the real game TV is not like a needle in a haystack.

How to seize the key parameters, to find a good game TV, has become a problem that makes people’s brains hurt.

Samsung launched a high color gamut QLED 4K family entertainment HdTV Q60T for living room game entertainment needs
Game display, choose a professional

Smooth gaming experience naturally requires to fast game response, the most ideal is the player operation can be instantly displayed on the TV. The three main bases of TV response speed are low input latency, low grayscale response time, and high screen refresh rate. Simply put, when you press a certain action, the graphics card will display the signal to the TV, the TV can respond to the signal as short as possible, adjust the LCD molecular deflection angle, and such an operation needs to be completed dozens of times within a second.

But the screen is far from fast enough, the presence of technology must also be pleasing. For example, when the graphics card GPU display signal is released in a large number in a short period of time, and the HDTV refresh rate does not match the frame rate will not actually improve the response rate of the game, but will lead to a sudden increase in the amount of information and the same screen up and down the display of different frame rates, which is very affect the game experience of the screen tearing sense.

The most effective way to deal with screen tearing is to match the HdTV refresh rate with the display frame rate, which requires a separate chip to communicate and synchronize with the GPU, which requires costly technology such as NVIDIA G-SYNC.

Furthermore, it is to enhance the dark details of the game screen as much as possible, how to show the dark details of the game as much as possible under the same conditions, and more fully grasp the battlefield dynamics become a key factor. The game TV must first have good hardware quality, but also take into account the software compensation algorithm, in exchange for richer details.

For example, Samsung QLED 4K HdTV Q60T can easily achieve the dark details of the game by significantly increasing the peak brightness, not only that, improve the peak brightness at the same time can also effectively obtain a wider color gamut, to lay the foundation for a richer color HDR display effect.

Another hardware parameter is the contrast ratio. An effective way to improve the contrast ratio can be to improve the LED backlight. Compared to the traditional single-color LED light source, dual-color LED light source can provide two warm and cold colors at the same time, according to the necessary picture automatically select the backlight color, to obtain a better display effect.

Furthermore is the software algorithm. Excellent algorithms can further enhance the game screen, such as further enhance the clarity of the game screen, through the MEMC motion anti-shake technology to reduce the dragging shadow generated by telling the dynamic picture of the game, to achieve a clearer picture. With the enhancement of the algorithm, you will find that the picture details that were originally affected by the drag and needed to be brainstormed are now able to be clearly shown on the TV screen to gain further game immersion.

TV large screen to play multiple experiences

The biggest advantage of PC is undoubtedly multitasking in parallel. The PC is generally using Windows or macOS, multi-window operation naturally in one go, high-end players will even be equipped with more than two screens. The reason is simple, the game is usually full-screen display, it will physically occupy a screen, so it must be equipped with another screen for query to be more reliable.

PC monitor basically between 24 inches to 32 inches, the desktop put down 2 easily. In the living room 55 or even 65-inch TV on a large screen to achieve a similar effect, the picture must look more cyberpunk.

Displaying content from two different screens on the TV at the same time is not really easy, the display chip needs to be compatible with different video sources at the same time and match them. This requires the TV series to have a strong enough data processing performance, and a corresponding system to match.

Like Samsung QLED 4K home entertainment TV Q60T improved Tizen system on the TV can be further optimized for games, interface fluency, and more importantly, can also work with Smart View compatible phones to achieve split-screen operation. Two distinct operations in one big screen without complicated settings.

You can even rely on the not so reliable Mandarin, dialect, through the voice to let the system to find the relevant game strategy video, while checking the strategy while playing the game, think about it is still very sour.

Games and events

The game brings happiness, not only to play by themselves, to participate in the grand e-competition is also a serious matter. League of Legends World Championship S10 has kicked off in Shanghai, with more than 20 teams competing fiercely around the final championship. To see the game clearly, enough network bandwidth is just basic. 5 V5 chaos climax also test the display ability of the TV. It must have 4K resolution to ensure a 1:1 restoration display with the live source. Also have a better color display, after all, the grass in Summoner’s Canyon is not the usual.

Clear picture quality means high dynamic range, breakthrough between the game and the movie picture quality experience still need the technology to add. Like Samsung QLED TV through QHDR scene-by-scene optimization to achieve each frame of the display, to achieve the effect as HDR. In conjunction with the immersive experience of a large screen, sitting in any corner of the living room without dead ends watching the game naturally much happier.

The most popular RGB lighting effects on the PC are put into the living room, and a sense of nightclub comes over the room. This is not quite in line with the simplicity and generosity of the living room. Simplify the design, narrow bezel style is still the best choice.

Essential skills: gaming identity civilian price

A good game TV in fact to meet many of the new technology needs of the game, compatible with the latest models of GPU display technology, the smooth game experience and excellent picture quality provided is the premise, more importantly, the price must also be popular enough, the previously mentioned Samsung Q60T TV debut price of only 5499 yuan, but has a larger screen and more immersive experience effect.

Samsung QLED 4K TV Q60T treats the game appears to be more targeted, the tricky use of QLED technology, large screen space, pulling up the experience of gamers as well as the cost performance, to be able to do this is not easy.

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