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Can a TV be used as a monitor?

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At present, the price of 27 inch monitor is generally around 2000 yuan, and the price of 55 inch TV has even dropped to about 1500 yuan. So why don’t we use a larger screen TV as the monitor?

In fact, the problem of whether TV can replace the monitor has a long history. Due to the same principle, the price of TV is even cheaper, and the TV interface is also very rich now. HDMI has become the standard configuration, and there is no obstacle to connect with the graphics card, so many people think it is very cost-effective to replace the monitor with TV. However, there are many differences between the two. It is not recommended to use the TV as a monitor.

Today I’ll show you why TV can’t be used as a monitor.

Color expression style is completely different

TV is more entertainment oriented, so in the color adjustment, it is more to please the eyes of users. For example, if the picture of green plants is presented, the TV may optimize the color to make it bright green. Although the darker green will be more realistic, the bright green is undoubtedly more eye-catching. At the same time, the color standard used by TV and monitor is completely different. At present, the color standard used by monitor is sRGB, while rec.709 or a few dci-p3 standards are used for TV.



The reason why the monitor can display accurate colors to the greatest extent is due to the daily needs of users. Because we use the monitor, whether it is to repair photos or print, we need the most realistic picture effect. If the color deviation is large, it will affect the overall effect of the work. For example, if we want to print a photo, it will show bright red on TV, but it will turn dark red when printed. The inconsistency of color adjustment also causes the TV to be unable to put on the desktop.

The gray scale is not in a range

Apart from the color difference between TV and monitor, the range of gray scale display is also completely different. In general, we measure the restoring power of the screen with a gray scale between 0 and 256. For professional display, due to the need for text or image processing, the display can basically display the gray scale between 0 and 256, that is to say, the display can display all 256 levels from pure black to pure white. However, the TV is not so harsh on the reduction ability of gray scale. Most of the TV can only display the gray scale between 16 and 235. Those below 16 are shown in black, while those above 235 are shown in pure white.



For such differences, it is a disaster not only for users who need to draw and pay attention to color performance, but also for ordinary users. For example, some details in the dark and light of the game are lost, and you may be ambushed; When looking at photos, the loss of details greatly reduces the charm of photos; In the production of Excel and other forms, due to the inaccuracy of black, white and gray presentation, it may take a lot of effort to be able to see clearly.

TV text sharpness and clarity is not enough

The basic purpose of TV is to play movies or display game pictures. Their common feature is that the pictures are dynamic. Therefore, in the development of LCD TV, we will optimize the dynamic picture to enhance the clarity of the dynamic picture, but the side effect is that the static picture is not so excellent. In fact, the TV display text is not clear enough is not caused by low resolution, even 4K TV may also have such a problem. This is mainly due to the image sharpening transition and other problems, so that the text is not clear enough, making people look more difficult.

The display is exactly the opposite, its positioning is to face the consumers who mainly design drawings and layout design. Their work is basically based on static pictures, so the display is oriented to static picture, so that the clarity of text, the accuracy of color and gray scale will be better. Overall, the display will be more mediocre, the display ability of static picture is undoubtedly, and dynamic picture (playing games and watching movies) can meet the needs of mainstream consumers.

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