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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of laser TV and LCD TV?

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At the moment of focusing on fresh enjoyment and diversified experience, many people are pursuing new products and new experiences, and are ready to move for them. With the “new” label of laser TV, with large screen and other significant features, become the focus of attention of many people.

But some people mind this “new” and think that LCD TV technology is more mature. So, which is better, laser TV or LCD TV? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How to choose between the old and the new?


Big, new

The most significant difference between laser TV and LCD TV is the size difference. The mainstream LCD TV is 55 inches, and some businesses have launched 75 inch large screen LCD. However, the general size of laser TV is 100 inches, and the 120 inch large screen is not difficult. The larger the size, the greater the experience.



First, the visual experience is different. The change of appearance brought by 100 inch large screen is not covered. No detailed calculation of size is needed. Anyone can feel the visual impact brought by the 2-meter wide screen. Whether it is used to watch movies online, brush dramas, or play games with switch, PS4 pro and other hosts, it can be more immersive and experience cinema level sensory enjoyment.

Second, the living room environment has changed. For the compact and exquisite house type, the laser TV occupies the whole wall, which is very eye-catching. There is no need to focus on the background wall design, and the simple, refreshing and modern decoration scheme can be completed. For the spacious and tall apartment, the 1.2-meter-high 100 inch laser TV can also support the air field of the space and create a cinema like reception hall.

Different people have different opinions

The principle of laser TV and LCD TV is not consistent, resulting in the inherent difference in brightness between them.

LCD TV, backlight panel light, through the control of backlight front LCD direction display image, belongs to direct light source, high brightness. Laser TV reflects light, light from the body, projected to the anti light screen, and then reflected into the human eye, brightness slightly inferior to LCD TV. High brightness is more suitable for all day combat, especially at noon, LCD TV still has good image quality performance, while laser TV will not be able to show full strength.

But combined with the actual use of the situation, busy people rarely watch TV at noon, and in other periods, laser TV can rely on anti light screen, reduce the impact of ambient light, get better picture quality experience.

Moreover, LCD TV generally uses glass panel, if the screen is directly facing the light source, it is easy to produce glare, while laser TV benefits from reflected light, and the screen surface uses special matte optical materials, so the light is softer and more eye-friendly.

Expensive, slightly luxurious

The price of laser TV is relatively high. Compared with the mainstream size LCD TV, the price of laser TV is only 4000-5000, and the price of laser TV is 20000-50000. It’s really a painful investment. However, if the LCD TV is of the same size, Sony Dafa’s 100 inch TV will cost 500000 yuan, and domestic brands will also cost 50000 to 70000 yuan. Think of laser TV as an affordable enjoyment.

Of course, what we are discussing here is only the category differences between laser TV and LCD TV. As far as products are concerned, the significance is limited. For example, the price of laser TV ranges from 10000 to 50000, which brings different experiences.

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